Lockers in the Hatcher Graduate Library

Lock detail of lockers in Hatcher Graduate Library

The Hatcher Graduate Library offers rentable lockers on floors 3 and 6 in the South building. Reserve a locker by going to Graduate Library Circulation (Room 104 North Hatcher) to fill out a key request form. This key request form must then be brought to the University Key Office where you will receive their locker key upon the payment of a $10 cash deposit.


Keys are obtained with the payment of a $10 cash deposit to the University Key Office after filling out a key request form at Graduate Library Circulation. Lockers are rented by the term. At the end of your locker reservation, the locker key must be returned to the University Key Office to retrieve the $10 cash deposit.

Locker Use

Personal items and library materials may be kept in a locker. Any library materials must be checked out before storing in lockers.

Locker Renewal

Locker assignees are notified by email to renew their assignment towards the end of Fall, Winter and Summer term. If you do not want to renew, notify Graduate Library Circulation and return the key to the University Key Office to retrieve the $10 cash deposit. If Graduate Library Circulation does not receive a response about locker renewal and personal materials are found in your locker, Circulation will remove and hold these items while attempting to contact you. If we are unable to contact you, the materials will be discarded after 3 weeks.

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