Classifying media as liberal or conservative

Judging the political slant of a publication is subjective. Such a judgment can be influenced by the political views of the person making the judgment. Thus, someone who was extremely conservative might judge a particular periodical to be very liberal while an extreme liberal might judge the same periodical to be quite moderate or centrist in its views. Also political slant can change over time as publishers and editors come and go and as their own views change. The titles listed below are generally considered to be liberal or conservative by a number of authoritative sources but this should not be considered a definitive list of all periodicals or newspapers that are liberal or conservative in their views and not everyone will agree with these designations.



American Prospect  American Conservative 
Contemporary Review  American Spectator
Mother Jones Commentary
Nation National Review
New Left Review New American
New Republic Policy Review
New Statesman Public Interest
Progressive Wall Street Journal
Tikkun Washington Times
Village Voice Weekly Standard


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