Comics, Collections, and the Common Core

June 4, 2013
Comics, Collections, and the Common Core

June 21, 2013 at the Hatcher Graduate Library (map)

MLibrary, in cooperation with the Ann Arbor District Library, Kids Read Comics and the Ann Arbor Book Festival, presents a special KRCC Pre-Conference for Librarians, Educators, and Cartoonists! Come warm yourself up for the fun events at the Kids Read Comics Celebration by participating in some panels and hands-on workshops. Librarians will get resources on how to build and maintain their collections; Educators will learn how to incorporate comics into their curriculum; and Cartoonists will learn new ways to work with these two groups to better advocate for their medium!

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Comics: A Pathway to Learning

As teachers find a variety of uses for comics, graphic novels and manga in the classroom, they need to understand the complex thinking and deep skills required to both read and create them. In this workshop, work with cartoonist Jerzy Drozd to explore the convergence of literary and artistic disciplines inherent in comics and see how comics can be a powerful way to build reading comprehension skills, such as prediction, inference, and fluency.

All participants will be given a 61-page packet that will help you develop your own comics programming and classes, even if you don’t know how to draw!

Panel – Building a Library Comics/Graphic Novel Collection

Librarians and teachers, want to start or improve the comics collection in your library? Cartoonists, want to get your comic into the library’s collection? Join five librarians who have been involved with selecting comics for their library’s collection. We’ll explore how they find current and new titles to consider, what criteria they use to select titles/series, where they place comics in their collection, and ways they promote comics to their users.

Panel – How do we READ these graphic novel things, anyway?

Ever opened up a comic and weren’t sure of its intended audience? Come upon a graphic novel page that asks you to read in strange directions? Are cartoonists just messing with you, or is a wonderful convergence art and literature inviting you to read in a new way? Moderator Jerzy Drozd will be joined by a stellar cast of cartoonists including Dave Roman (Astronaut Academy) and Raina Telgemeier (Drama, Smile) for a discussion on the alchemy of literature and art that is comics. If you’ve ever struggled with evaluating a graphic novel on its content, or just like talking about the unique approaches of comics storytelling, this panel is for you!

4:00-5:00 pm
Interactive Talk – Art Tells Stories

“Visual Literacy” is a hot term, but what does it mean? Do you view art or read it? Are the terms interchangeable? Join David Choberka, Mellon Academic Coordinator, for an interactive discussion on how visual artists communicate through their medium. Dr. Choberka will present a selection of pieces from the University of Michigan Museum of Art and show you how fine artists communicate their ideas using the same visual toolbox as cartoonists.

4:00-5:00 pm
Interactive Talk – Protesting through Comics

So you say you want a revolution? Julie Herrada, curator of the Joseph A. Labadie Collection, the oldest archive of radical history in the United States, will share social protest comics. The Labadie Collection is part of the University of Michigan’s Special Collections Library and is open to all researchers.

Comics Hangout!

Unwind after a full day of interactive comics presentations and workshops with a meet-and-greet at Dominick’s on Monroe St (map). Hang out, meet some cartoonists, librarians, and educators, and participate in the giant draw wall!

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