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Collections Wish List

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$20,000 and above

Endow the Deanship of the University of Michigan Library
$5 million
The U-M Library is in a period of rapid growth as it adapts to the changing needs of users. Endowing the Deanship helps us continue to explore new ways of providing the finest content, access, and expertise.
Endow the Head of the Special Collections Library
$2 million
Endowing the position of the Head of the Special Collections Library is a crucial step to ensure that it has the leadership and expertise necessary to maintain its prominence and relevance for students and researchers.
Le Corbeau, The Raven
This is a limited edition French translation of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem "The Raven" by the famous French poet Stéphane Mallarmé, with illustrations by Mallarmé’s friend, and legendary Impressionist painter, Édouard Manet. It is the first "artist’s book" and is often cited as one of the high points of French book illustration. The text is in both English and French, and is signed by both Mallarmé and Manet. Paris: Richard Lesclide, 1875.
Fine Arts Library First Floor Improvements
New tables and chairs for study areas, new reading room shelves and a renovated circulation desk would greatly enhance studying, research and librarian/student interactions.
Journal of Fluid Mechanics
This online journal archive, offered by Cambridge University Press, is a seminal title within the field. We offer electronic access to recent issues; this purchase would extend our digital coverage back to volume 1, dating to 1956.

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$5,000 to $19,999

Science Classic
This complete Science magazine archive is available from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). While the library has access to early issues of this premier scientific publication via other databases, offering all issues via AAAS would enable searching across all years of content as well as extend reference linking where available.
Herbarium C.P. Thurnberg, 1743-1828
Swedish naturalist Carl Peter Thurnberg gave his entire herbarium to Uppsala University, Uppsala in 1785. By that time it contained all the collections made during his travels as well as material received from some of his colleagues—such as Banks' specimens from Tahiti, New Zealand and Australia; Burman's from the Cape; Cavanilles' from France and Spain; Jacquin's from Austria; Marschall von Bieberstein's from the Crimea; Pallas' from Siberia; Roxburgh's from Coromandel; Schrader's from Germany; Sibthorp's from Greece etc. This rich type herbarium contains types of the taxa described by Thunberg and his students. It includes 1161 microfiche plus guide.
Herbarium P.F. von Siebold, 1796-1866
The Siebold Herbarium is the earliest herbarium collection of such extent from Japan. Physician Philipp Franz von Siebold (1796-1866) brought together about 12,000 specimens plus included many items from Japanese students and collaborators. Publication of Japanese flora at that time was impossible without consulting these Japanese collections in the National Herbarium of the Netherlands, Leiden University Branch. They are the subject of ongoing research, and have become important in the study of the history of early Japanese botany. Includes 553 microfiche plus guide.
Electronic versions of Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center texts
$8,000 per set
Twelve sets of about 1,000 texts each are planned for this extensive electronic collection of rare texts. We have purchased collections one to seven so far.
La bibbia di san marco a venezia (The Bible of San Marco of Venice)
This work features the mosaics of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice, one of the world’s greatest examples of Byzantine art. The artwork dates from the 11th to the 14th century and their rich gilded decorations earned the Basilica the name of "Golden church." Details such as pavements, tapestries, statues and other treasures appear in these images, photographed specifically for this work by Sandro Vannini. The photographs are used to illustrate the complete text of the Bible, presented in its latest Italian translation.
Ten Years of Uzbekistan
This Artist's Book is a collaboration between David King (text) and Ken Campbell (images) and stands as a witness to censorship during Stalin's era. Bound in black cloth and contained in a black cloth slipcase, it's printed by polychrome letterpress using woodletter numerals and Monotype Bodoni text. 1994 edition of 45 plus five artist's proofs, 20 X 14 in, 60 pp, with printed endpapers.

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$2,000 to $4,999

O prirode slova
This treatise by Osip Mandel’shtam, one of Russia’s great poets, was published by Istoka in Khar’kov in 1922. To quote Victor Terras,"...he...points out how the poet’s duty to the State is a lesser form of moral commitment than confronting Time itself, in the name of 'the word.' Consequently, the poet’s obligation is to educate his fellow 'Men,' not merely to educate the 'citizens' of the State." In 1938 Mandel’shtam died in a transit camp on the way to a prison camp in Siberia.
Kamen (translated into English as Stone)
There are three editions of Stone; we own a reproduction of the 1913 edition, but lack the 1923 edition, which is subtitled First Book of Verse. Published by Gosizdat in Moscow and St. Petersburg in 1923 by Osip Mandel’shtam, it contains the original wrappers illustrated by Russian/Soviet artist Alexander Rodchenko. 
Namco Pac-Man's Arcade Party Cocktail Game Cabinet
The classic style wood arcade cabinet features a 19-inch color monitor and authentic joystick and controls modeled after the original. It includes the original Pac-Man game plus twelve other classic favorites: Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Dig Dug, Galaxian, Pac-Mania, Galaga '88, Mappy, Xevious, Rolling Thunder, Dragon Spirit, Rally-X, and Bosconian.
Personal Paradigms, A Game of Human Experience
Flying Fish Press published this artist's book by Julie Chen in 2004. It's an interactive experience for the reader in the form of a game that is played with the results then recorded in a collaborative ledger book. The object of the game focuses on the player's own life experience and perceptions at the moment that the game is being played. Game components, housed in a 15.5X11.25X4.75" cloth-covered box, include a letterpress-printed game board that opens to 21x30" and a multitude of laser-cut game pieces. Edition of 100.

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$1,000 to $1,999

Carta Topográfica de la Republica Argentina
Most of the published topographic maps of Argentina in 1014 sheets printed between 1950-1987. 
Gender and Crime
Bringing together essential writings on many themes within criminology, the four volumes in this set cover “the gender agenda within criminology,” the experience of crime, the criminal justice system, prisons, and restorative justiceall through the lens of gender. Edited by Sandra Walklate, Routledge, 2012, this authoritative collection would be of great interest to students of sociology, gender studies, public policy, and history.
The Illuminated Fightbook: Royal Armouries Manuscript I.33
$1,200 (Royal Armouries Edition).
Richly illustrated, depicting a priest instructing a scholar in a system of combat with sword and shield, and with text and verse in Latin and German, this title would complement the Library's extraordinary strength in early modern military history. Published in London by Extraordinary Editions, 2011, it includes 2 volumes, a 68 page facsimile and a 128 page companion.  
Motion Picture Catalogs by American Producers and Distributors, 1894-1908: A Microfilm Edition
From the Thomas A. Edison Archives, this collection of catalogs documents the work of early motion picture companies. Microfilm, Reese V. Jenkins, Charles Musser, et al., eds., 1984-1985.  
Cultural Anthropology
This four-volume set gives a comprehensive, current overview of the field of cultural anthropology and its development. Articles are by key anthropologists practicing today, as well as several who helped to shape the field. It includes anthropological perspectives on nationalism, citizenship, human rights, globalization, and other interactions between culture and the public sphere. Edited by Kim Fortun and Michael Fortun, 2009.  
Cluster Analysis
Published by Sage, this four-volume set examines cluster analysis and its relationship with Data Miningareas that allow for more quantitative assessment of information. Cluster analysis is a family of techniques that classifies cases into groups of similar cases; data mining encompasses a host of methodological procedures. Volumes: (1) The Classics; (2) Useful Key Texts; (3) Cluster Analysis in Practice; and (4) Data Mining with Classification.

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$500 to $999

MLibrary Undergraduate Student Research Award
$1,000 (First Place); $500 (Second Place); $250 (Third Place).
These annual awards recognize excellence in library research conducted in support of an undergraduate student project. Three prizes are awarded to undergraduate students who show extraordinary achievement in completing their research project using resources provided by the library.
MEMS/NEMS Handbook
The five volume MEMS/NEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems/Nanoelectromechanical Systems) Handbook covers all of the major topics within the field including design methods, fabrication techniques, manufacturing methods, sensors and actuators, and Micro Optical Electro Mechanical Systems. It's a valuable reference source for engineering and computer science faculty and students.
Military Psychology
This four-volume set covers a diverse range of topics, reflecting the complex field of military psychology. It includes sections on the selection and training of soldiers; human factors ergonomics and cognitive engineering; stress, resilience, and post-traumatic growth; and leadership, culture, and morale. U-M's psychology researchers have a long-standing interest in this field, and this set would be a wonderful addition to our collection. Edited by Michael D. Matthews, & Janice H. Laurence. Sage, 2012.
Food History. Critical and Primary Sources.
A comprehensive survey of problems and methods in the field of food history. Chronological treatment, moving from human evolution and the origins of complex societies to contemporary industrial diets. Jeffrey M. Pilcher, editor. 2014.
Ningen keisei
This serial publication influenced a great deal of the Japanese moral education in Japan after World War II. Now the serial is published as a reprint monographic edition; five volumes, published by Nihon Tosho Senta, 2006. 
L'Art japonais (Japanese Art)
Louis Gonse (1841-1926) was a collector and central figure of the popular trend in Japanese art in Paris in the 1880s. In 1883 he published this collection of images of Japanese art owned by major collectors in Paris with explanations of Japanese history, geography, and culture. A limited edition of 1,400 copies were made. Reprint.
Pedanius Dioscorides of Anazarbos (fl. 50-70), "De materia medica" ["Regarding Medical Materials"]
"De Materia Medica" is an encyclopedic work by Greek physician and botanist Pedanius Dioscorides compiled around the 1st Century A.D. Considered a precursor of modern pharmacopoeia, the original five-volume work gathers Egyptian, Middle eastern and Graeco-Roman therapeutic knowledge. This is a facsimile of a manuscript from the 6th-7th century A.D. that includes the herbarium from Dioscorides’ work.


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$100 to $499

Herbert Scarf's Contributions to Economics, Game Theory and Operations Research
These four volumes collect the research articles of Herbert Scarf, a distinguished American economist. His work has generated a field in economics termed Applied General Equilibrium Analysis and a corresponding area in operations research known as Simplicial Fixed Point Methods. Edited by Zaifu Yang. 
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Charlotte Perkins Gilman, best known for her short story, The Yellow Wallpaper, was one of the most prominent early sociologists of gender. This volume includes 29 essays regarding Gilman's contributions to classical sociology, and addresses such topics as gender and society; economy and society; methodology; the public role of the sociologist; towards a sociology of women; and race, class, and gender. Edited by Patricia Lengermann and Gillian Niebrugge-Brantley, Ashgate, 2013.
Gesang der Jünglinge (Song of the Youths)
This full-color facsimile reproduction of the autograph score, including numerous sketches, is a landmark of electronic music. Realized by Karlheinz Stockhausen in 1955-56 in Cologne. Kürten: Stockhausen-Verlag, 2001. 
Handbook of microfinance interdisciplinary scholar-practitioner perspectives
Microfinance is a major development tool in less-developed countries, and of vital concern for contemporary studies of the social theory of development. Its goals are diverse: health, housing, water and sanitation, education, climate change mitigation, and empowerment of women. This handbook contains contributions from scholars and practitioners, with an emphasis on exploring the way different domains of knowledge inform each other. The Handbook of Microfinance is accessible to a broad audience of general readers, and will be useful to scholars and practitioners. By Jude Fernando, London: Routledge, 2012. 
Ion Drum Rocker Premium Drum Set for Xbox 360
This high-quality drum set will be able to withstand the wear and tear of use with Rock Band and Guitar Hero games in the Computer & Video Game Archive.
Cases on Assessment and Evaluation in Education
These case studies describe the methods used to assess an education course and what factors to assess. Bringing together different research perspectives on the questions surrounding the issues of educational assessment and evaluation, it provides educators with the facts needed to enhance and improve the learning process. Edited by Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, 2013.
Chinese Economists on Economic Reform: Collected Works of Guo Shuqing
The China Development Research Foundation is one of the leading economic think tanks in China, providing a base where many leading Chinese economists have developed the details of Chinese economic reform. This book makes available the work of the individual Chinese economists who were the architects of reform. Published by Routledge, 2012. 
Ulrich Beck: An Introduction to the Theory of Second Modernity and the Risk Society
The University Library holds more than 30 works, in both English and German, by sociologist Ulrich Beck. These books are in high demand, attesting to the strong interest in Beck on campus. This new work includes biographical material, an extensive bibliography of Beck’s works, and a thorough introduction to his theories of second modernity and the risk society. It would be a very useful addition to our collection. Mads Peter Sørensen, & Allan Christiansen, Routledge, 2012. 
Creativity and Entrepreneurship: Changing Currents in Education and Public Life
This book builds upon current discourse about the expanding role of creativity and entrepreneurial studies, and trends in higher education and the public domain. Edited by Lynn Book and David Phillips, 2013.

Computer and Video Games and Equipment

The Art, Architecture and Engineering Library continues to seek any games and the equipment on which they were played for the Computer and Video Game Archive.

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