The University of Michigan Library regularly presents highlights of unique collections in online exhibits and galleries across campus.

The Library also collaborates with the U-M community, as well as local and national artists, programs and organizations, to host exhibits. If you are interested in collaborating on an exhibit, please contact us at mlibrary-exhibits@umich.edu.

Featured Online Exhibits

Leonard B. Willeke Postcards
Leonard B. Willeke Postcards
Kai Alexis Smith, Association of Research Libraries Career Enhancement Program Fellow at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, May 2013

The postcard was initially marketed as a convenient and inexpensive alternative to a telegram or letter, as it required neither extensive writing nor paper and envelope.  While early cameras were too cumbersome for every traveler and too new to be affordable, travelers could easily purchase a postcard or two.

The World Columbian Exhibition of 1893 in Chicago was...

Language Comes after Artist:  A Selection of Books by Lynne Avadenka
Language Comes after Artist: A Selection of Books by Lynne Avadenka
Peggy Daub, Outreach Librarian & Curator, Special Collections Library

Detroit artist Lynne Avadenka has produced small-run, fine press books at her own Land Marks Press for 25 years. The books shown here are a selection of her work and celebrate her skill in merging the visual and textual. All make use of fine paper, binding and printing, and the author is Avadenka herself unless otherwise noted. They are available for viewing at the Special Collections Library...

Michigan's LGBT Heritage
Michigan's LGBT Heritage
Beth Strickland, Women's Studies & LGBTQ Studies Librarian

Welcome to the Michigan's LGBT Heritage exhibit. In this exhibit you will learn about a number of places, people, and events which have contributed to over 100 years of LGBT activism and visibility all across the state of Michigan. 

The images and information presented here are based on a physical exhibit which was displayed in the University of Michigan's Harlan Hatcher Graduate...

The Geography of Colorants
The Geography of Colorants
Exhibit Assistants Sarah Helm & Erin Platte & Grace Rother

“Today the list of colorants manufactured industrially covers nine thousand pages in nine volumes of the Colour Index International, the bible of dyers and colorists. Here these bright, synthetic earths have no fanciful names but are catalogued uncompromisingly by hue, use, and a number denoting the chemical composition: CI Vat Red 13 CI...

Rediscovering the Jansson & Hondius Atlases of Henry Vignaud
Rediscovering the Jansson & Hondius Atlases of Henry Vignaud
Erin Platte, Rare Map & Cataloging Assistant

During the late 19th and early 20th century, Henry Vignaud, an American diplomat living in Paris, was amassing a large personal library, including books, atlases, maps, and other publications.  In 1923-4 the University of Michigan acquired his library from his widow.  His map collection was divided between the William L. Clements Library...