Puzzle Me This: Early Binding Fragments and Other Evidence from the U-M Papyrology Collection

Small papyrus codex used as an amulet, with magical symbols and drawings. P.Mich.6632, 1st-2nd century CE.

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July 14th through September 11th
Hatcher Graduate Library, Audubon Room & Lobby Cases
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Binding fragments from the U-M Papyrology Collection—including leather covers, papyrus cartonnage, sewing evidence and thread—are puzzles; few retain enough structural and decorative information to accurately date them and determine what they would have looked like when intact. View original fragments next to models constructed to illustrate the probable forms some of the fragments once took.

Audubon Room hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 am-7 pm, Sat 10 am-6 pm, Sun 2-7 pm

Brendan Haug, archivist of the U-M Papyrology Collection and assistant professor in the Department of Classical Studies, will lead a discussion about The Book in Graeco-Roman Egypt: Evidence from the Papyri on September 10 at 4:00 p.m. in the Hatcher Gallery.

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