Exhibit: The International Year of Crystallography

photo showing crystals inside a geode

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July 9th through November 3rd
Next Opening
September 24th from 12:00am to 11:45am
Shapiro Undergraduate Library, Third Floor Hallway
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Crystallography is the branch of science concerned with the structure and properties of crystals. Come and see crystals from the Museum of Natural History, books from the Library's collection, and displays of the equipment used at the X-Ray Crystallography Lab.

UNESCO chose 2014 as the International year of Crystallography because it commemorates two important anniversaries in the study of matter: the centennial of X-ray diffraction, and the 400th anniversary of Kepler’s observation in 1611 of the symmetrical form of ice crystals. Both breakthroughs led to subsequent studies in the role of symmetry in matter and the nature of crystalline material. U-M continues this investigation today.

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