On the Future of the Economics Blogosphere

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December 16, 2013 - 10:00am to 11:30am
Hatcher Graduate Library, Gallery (Room 100)
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Emergent Research Series
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Miles Kimball, professor in the Department of Economics, speaks on the future of the economics blogosphere.

Abstract: The economics blogosphere is already vibrant, brimming with intellectual energy. The obvious next phase of its development is for more and more of the most academically respected economists to engage in blogging as the respectability of blogging grows in a virtuous cycle. Historically, the interesting thing is that this will constitute a full-scale revival of the literary economics that prevailed before the mathematization of economics in the early 20th century — this time, alongside mathematized economics. That emerging two-barrel, balanced approach to economics through both math and accessible writing in counterpoint is an important development that will make economics both more powerful at getting to the truth and more powerful as a social force.

The library's Emergent Research Series events are aimed at better understanding the various types of research undertaken across campus, particularly as they relate to library services and support, opportunities for collaboration, data management and preservation, and beyond.

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Justin Joque joque@umich.edu
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