Exhibit: Plainly Spoken

Book binding by Ethan Ensign

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January 31st through April 10th
Hatcher Graduate Library, Audubon Room
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View a range of binding ideas that came to fruition: models that replicate books from a historical period, cut-aways that visually reveal their hidden structure, design bindings that interpret a concept from the text, and artists’ bindings that play with structures and materials to create something new.

In this traveling exhibit the Midwest Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers showcases archivist and book conservator Julia Miller’s text Books Will Speak Plain. Incorporating 30 years of her notes and observations, the 500-page handbook is aimed at conservators, collectors, librarians, and book lovers, for the identification and description of book structures and styles. Bookbinders from across the country acquired the text of the book in folded sheets and, months later, presented them to a jury as completed books with custom bindings.

Learn more from Julia Miller, who speaks in the Gallery on February 11: Plainly Spoken: Remarks on the Book, the Binders, and the Bindings.

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Jamie Lausch Vander Broek jlausch@umich.edu
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