**PLEASE NOTE: We are in the process of phasing out the EBM service. Self-publishing services are no longer available, and the last day for printing other types of orders will be April 29, 2016. Please contact with any questions.**

Public Domain & CC-licensed Reprints
Books published in the U.S. before 1923 are in the U.S. public domain. This means they are out of copyright, and their contents can be reproduced, adapted, performed, or otherwise used in any manner, by anyone, without seeking  permission. For books still protected by copyright, some rights holders have assigned a Creative Commons License to their in-copyright works. These licenses allow users to make use of the work under specific conditions.

There are several ways to locate a digital public domain or CC-licensed title:

  • Select from pre-loaded titles in the local EBM catalog
  • Select from public domain titles in the networked EBM catalog called EspressNet
  • Browse Open.Michigan's Open Educational Resources for EBM-eligible titles [coming soon]
  • Browse or search the Library’s Mirlyn or HathiTrust catalogs. See the News announcement for details about new ordering and payment functionality in Mirlyn.
  • Search the Web for downloadable titles with a Creative Commons License assigned (or other explicit indication that a print copy may be made)

Once you’ve located a desired title, click the "order" button (if using the local EBM or EspressNet catalogs), the "Reprint available for purchase" tab (if ordering from the Mirlyn record), or use the online request form to send us the details.

Theses & Dissertations
Undergraduate or graduate students who have written a thesis or dissertation may request a print copy at any time. Simply provide us with the PDF interior file, and a cover PDF (if you have one). If you don’t have a cover file, we can create a simple cover for you. You’ll also need to sign a permissions form confirming that you are the rights holder and are allowing us to print the work for you.

Are you launching a new journal or producing a student-run journal? Does your department already publish a journal online, but would like to get a few print copies as well? Provided the page counts and trim sizes are within the machine’s parameters, we can print copies of your journal on the EBM for you.

**Please note we are no longer offering self-publishing services.** If you have previously self-published a book with us, you may place a final order for up to 10 copies of your book no later than 2/17/2016. Please contact for full details.

Classroom Texts
Keep in mind that we can produce economical copies of public domain titles assigned as part of a class reading list. You can even customize the book by adding lecture notes, a syllabus, or any other relevant material you’ve created. If you’re a faculty member who has the rights to course materials you’ve authored, we can print copies for classroom use—either as a small print run, or on-demand as individual students wish to purchase them.

See real-life examples in the “Sample Projects" section. We’ll be happy to discuss details and work through the steps with you.

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