**We are no longer accepting new self-publishing projects.** (We are still assisting faculty, staff, and students with projects related to coursework or university business, as these are not considered self-publishing.)

As an alternative, you may wish to investigate some of the many online self-publishing services now available, such as Xlibris, Lulu, Blurb, iUniverse, and CreateSpace, to name just a few. Most have templates and other tools available to assist customers with formatting and uploading their books, and may offer the choice of making your book available for sale if you wish, or keeping it private so that only you can print copies.

There are also some local (Ann Arbor area) commercial printers who may have options for you, depending on your needs, such as Edwards Brothers Malloy, and Sheridan Books.

If you have previously set up and printed a self-publishing project with us, you may continue to place orders for copies of your book.

Disclaimer: these lists are not exhaustive, and are not to be considered an endorsement of any specific service or printer.



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