Sample Projects

A sampling of EBM projects we've done for the UM campus community:

  • Student Creative Writing

    Café Shapiro Anthology Selected poetry and short stories from the annual Café Shapiro live reading event. It features the work of undergraduate student writers nominated by their professors. Previously, the anthology was published online only; the EBM allowed a print edition to be produced quickly and inexpensively.

    Megan O’Neill, former Assistant Librarian, Shapiro Undergraduate Library [about the 2010 edition]:

    “This year’s Café Shapiro was remarkable in a number of ways, from the dedication and talent of the student participants to the anthology printing on the new Espresso Book Machine. The students who read in February … were able to see their works published, their names and pictures in print, and will in the future be able to bring their work, in its Café Shapiro context, to friends, family, and potential employers. … And finally, their work will be available to future writers through the library copies of this book.”
  • Classroom Text (fiction)

    Just Around the Corner, by Francis Zorn Work of fiction written by instructor Frances Zorn for use in a summer program. Using the EBM, she was able to quickly get a proof copy, make corrections, and do a final print run, resulting in the quick and economical production of a custom text for classroom use.

    Fran and Jens Zorn:

    “…producing this with your EBM operation was a complete pleasure in all respects. … You quickly provided a proof copy for final check and guided us in the minor corrections needed to economically obtain a limited run of a nicely-bound book that is fully the equivalent of a trade paperback. This surely opens many possibilities for the University of Michigan’s academic and creative communities.”
  • Classroom Text (non-fiction)

    Python for Informatics: Exploring Information, by Charles Severance This introductory text on Python programming was remixed by UM School of Information Professor Charles Severance from an open-licensed text, with a focus on the ways that the Python programming language can be used for data exploration and analysis. Prof. Severance updates and expands the content each semester. Combining this with the ability to print the books on the EBM results in the quick and economical production of a custom text for classroom use.

    SI Professor Charles Severance:

    “…creating an open book with a Creative Commons license and printing the book on the EBM allows an amazing collaboration between teachers and students in the creation of shared educational materials. Using the EBM allows the book to be a live document and to be updated every single semester. This allows new material to be developed, used, and edited in one semester and then be part of the printed textbook for the next semester a few weeks later. Another advantage of an EBM book is its low cost—students like that.”

    For more information and an online version, see

  • School History

    A History of the University of Michigan School of Social Work, by Phillip Fellin A comprehensive history of the School of Social Work, written by Professor Emeritus Phillip Fellin. "The book is more than a history of the school--it is also a lens on the evolution of social work pedagogy and the field of professional training in general. While social work has always had a focus on helping the person and the family (micro), and working for positive social change, better social policies, and promoting social justice (community organization, social policy, management, evaluation), the book shows how the school enlarged and enriched each of those areas for the field as a whole." (excerpt from the Foreword by Laura Lein and John Tropman)

    Tim Chilcote, Web Content Administrator, School of Social Work, University of Michigan:

    “The School of Social Work used the EBM to publish advanced copies of our history book. We were in a hurry to deliver copies to emeritus faculty, and our hardcover editions were not yet available. The EBM was able to produce trade-quality paperbacks at an affordable rate. The turnaround time was less than a week, which was ideal given our time constraints. We could not have been more pleased with the quality, service, and cost.”
  • Customized Gifts

    Medical Education in the United States and Canada, by Abraham Flexner A detailed report from 1910 on the facilities, resources, and methods of instruction at medical schools in the U.S. and Canada, undertaken by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. This public domain title was printed with a custom cover for the Dean of the Medical School to distribute as holiday gifts to department chairs.

    Liz Daniels, Assistant to James O. Woolliscroft, MD, Dean, University of Michigan Medical School:

    “You did an excellent job for us in a very short time frame and we appreciate the work that your group did for us on pulling this all together.”
  • Conference Proceedings

    Human Rights: From Practice to Policy, edited by Carrie Booth Walling and Susan Waltz Proceedings of a research workshop on human rights held at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy in October, 2010. "The conference was innovative in two significant ways: its retrospective focus provided practitioners a rare opportunity to reflect on past work and achievements, and the meeting joined practitioners and scholars in a single conversation about the nature and significance of that work." (excerpt from the Acknowledgments by Carrie Booth Walling and Susan Waltz)

    Susan Waltz (U Michigan Ford School of Public Policy) and Carrie Walling (Albion College):

    "We’ve been working on a project and wanted to share some results without going through a standard academic publishing outlet. Working with library staff and using the Espresso machine, we were able to print out a small number of attractive but inexpensive bound copies while retaining the copyright on our work and simultaneously posting an electronic file. And we can always come back for additional bound copies if demand warrants. EBM was a perfect fit for our needs."
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