Search for Books

There are many online sources of public domain or open-licensed content for printing on the Espresso Book Machine. The following list provides links to some of those sources:

EspressNet public domain catalog (Google public domain titles in the EBM's networked "catalog of catalogs" from On Demand Books)

EBM local catalog (a catalog of books created to fill prior requests, residing locally on our EBM)

Open Educational Resources from Open.Michigan (educational resources created by faculty and made available for online access. Some of these resources are suitable for printing on the EBM; look for the "EBM" icon next to those titles.)

HathiTrust partner institution catalog (a catalog of digital titles contributed by the HathiTrust member institutions)

University of Michigan Library's Mirlyn catalog (U of M's catalog of materials held locally in its collections)

When you find a book you'd like to order, click the "order" button (if present), or use the EBM online request form.

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Last modified: 01/14/2016