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Alphabetical Listing of Last Names Starting with the letter O

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O'Grady, Shawn (734) 615-2844Digital Fabrication SpecialistDMC 3D Lab
O'Malley, Conor (734) 764-8074Programmer for Animal Diversity WebDigital Library Production Service
O'Malley, Stephanie (734) 615-9699Interactive Imaging & Production SpecialistDMC 3D Lab
Obertas, Olga (734) 763-8991Staff, Print Orders and Order Management Unit, Print Acquisitions Section, Technical Services DivisionTechnical Services - Print Acquisitions
Oehrli, Jo Angela (734) 936-2376Learning Librarian, Children's Literature LibrarianLearning Programs
Oh, JungYun (734) 615-7106Assistant Librarian, Library Information Tech-DLPS, University LibraryDigital Library Production Service
Ojibway-Gifford, Ariel (734) 764-0401Information Resources Assistant IntermediateHatcher-Shapiro Access Svcs
Okey, Jonathan (734) 764-0295Info Resources Associate Supervisor Document Delivery
Olson, Andrea (734) 936-0394Senior Copyediting CoordinatorPublishing Operations
Ottaviani, James (734) 763-4835LibrarianDeep Blue

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