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Alphabetical Listing of Last Names Starting with the letter W

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Wagner, Jocilyn (734) 763-2578Staff, Monograph Receiving Unit Print Acquisitions Section Technical Services DivisionTechnical Services - Print Acquisitions
Wahab, Aisha (734) 763-2045Conservation Librarian / Paper ConservatorPreservation/Conservation
Waldron, Valerie (734) 647-1972Computer & Video Game Archive ManagerUser Info & Discovery
Wang, Gengna (734) 936-2356Information Resources Cataloging Specialist, Chinese CatalogerAsia Library
Wang, I-Chun (734) 764-0406Information Resources Assistant SeniorAsia Library
Wang, Mei (734) 936-2358Information Resources Specialist Senior, Chinese CatalogerAsia Library
Wang, Sinilga (734) 764-9371Head, Fiscal Management Unit, Technical Services DivisionTechnical Services - Fiscal Management
Warin, Martin (734) 615-5471HathiTrust Database DeveloperLibrary Systems
Wassell, Collin (734) 764-9784Facilities CoordinatorFacilities
Wasson, David (734) 764-7491Evening Access Services SupervisorOperations Support
Watkinson, Charles (734) 936-0452Associate University Librarian for Publishing / Director, University of Michigan PressLibrary Administration
Weise, John (734) 764-8074Associate Director of Library IT –– Head, Digital Library Production Service –– Interim Head, User Experience DepartmentDigital Library Production Service
Welzenbach, Rebecca (734) 615-0038Director, Strategic Integration and Partnerships and Program Manager, Lever PressPublishing Editorial
Wentzel, Lawrence (734) 615-2836Associate Librarian, Digital Library Production Services, University LibraryDigital Library Production Service
Westbrooks, Elaine (734) 936-3147Associate University Librarian for ResearchLibrary Administration
Whaley, Robert (734) 764-9371Financial Specialist Associate, Fiscal Management Section - Technical Services DivisionTechnical Services - Fiscal Management
White, Phyllis (734) 764-0503Executive SecretaryOperations Support
Wilcox, Ryan (734) 615-5991Media Equipment SpecialistDMC Emerging Technologies Group
Wilson, Jukie (734) 936-2383Administrative Assistant SeniorLibrary Administration
Witchen, Kelly (734) 763-6860Digital Publishing CoordinatorPublishing Operations
Witt, Jeff (734) 764-7469Diversity and Inclusion SpecialistLibrary Administration
Wolfe, D'Shaundra (734) 764-2548Human Resources PartnerHuman Resources
Wourman, Jamaine (734) 764-5293Head, Access ServicesAAEL Access Services
Wren, Jeanne (734) 936-0146Accountant IntermediateFinance
Wright, Jennifer (734) 763-0420Info Resources Assistant InterTechnical Services - Electronic Resources and Database Management
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Last modified: 08/05/2016