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Alphabetical Listing of Last Names Starting with the letter C

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Campbell, Emily (734) 763-9615Special Projects Librarian for CollectionsTechnical Services
Campbell, Lisa (734) 763-2828Digital Learning Services LibrarianUser Info & Discovery
Carlson, Jacob (734) 764-6687Research Data Services ManagerScience, Engineering, Clark Library and Research Data Services
Carruthers, Matthew Metadata Projects LibrarianTechnical Services - Electronic Resources and Database Management
Carter, David (734) 615-7158Video Game Archivist, Programming Librarian, and Coordinator for AAEL ReferenceUser Info & Discovery
Case, Beau (734) 764-0306Head, Arts & Humanities TeamArts & Humanities
Castellana, Kristen (734) 764-2512Head, Music Library; Librarian for Music and DanceArts & Humanities
Castle, Lori (734) 615-3190Facilities AssistantFacilities
Chaffee, Mark (734) 615-8338Information Services SpecialistTaubman Health Sciences Library
Chao, Alice (734) 763-2037Communication SpecialistTaubman Health Sciences Library
Chapman, Suzanne (734) 763-0246Head, User Experience DepartmentUser Experience
Cheeseman, Cheryl (734) 936-1403Assistant to the Director AUL & Deputy DirectorTaubman Health Sciences Library
Chen, James (734) 764-0413Info Resources Assistant InterHatcher-Shapiro Access Svcs
Chen, Wei (734) 763-0330Information Resources Technical SpecialistE-Acquisitions
Christensen, Gary (734) 764-8584Info Resources Assistant SeniorDocument Delivery
Clark, Laurie (734) 764-8590Information Resources Assistant IntermediateDocument Delivery
Clowney-Robinson, Marna (734) 764-2512Access Services CoordinatorMusic
Colman, Jason (734) 647-6017Director, Michigan Publishing ServicesPublishing Operations
Connors, Benjamin (734) 764-5421Info Resources Assistant InterTechnical Services - Print Acquisitions
Conte, Marisa (734) 615-8889Research and Data InformationistTaubman Health Sciences Library
Contrucci, Jason Assistant Marketing/Sales ManagerPublishing Editorial
Conway, Martha (734) 647-8151Director, Special Collections LibrarySpecial Collections
Copeland, Liz (734) 936-2450HR Generalist SeniorHuman Resources
Cordell, Sigrid (734) 615-6519Librarian for English Language and LiteratureArts & Humanities
Crane, Jonathan (734) 763-9930Information Resources Associate SupervisorFacilities
Crayne, Janet (734) 936-2348Librarian for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian StudiesInternational Studies
Cronin, Susan (734) 615-6479Editorial AssistantPublishing Editorial
Curlin, Stephani (734) 764-2548Human Resources CoordinatorHuman Resources
Custer, Gary (734) 764-8584Info Resources Assistant InterDocument Delivery
Czuhajewski, Christina (734) 936-8377University Library Associate, Learning & TeachingUser Info & Discovery
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Last modified: 03/06/2015