Directions to the Digital Conversion Unit

Main Entrance Door to the Buhr BuildingThe Digital Conversion Unit is located in the Buhr Shelving Facility at 837 Greene Street, Ann Arbor, MI  in room 3212 (just 2 blocks north of the University of Michigan Stadium).

There is a University of Michigan Blue Permit parking lot right next to the Buhr Building. For visitors, there is a metered lot at the South-West corner of Greene and Hoover, about 2 blocks away, as well as some unpredictable street parking on E Davis Street and Brown Street.

1. Go in the main entrance in the center of the parking lot. This is a photo of the main entrance to the Buhr Building.
2. Just inside the door, take the stairs (on the left) or the elevator (on the right) up to the 2nd floor.
3. Walk to the end of the short hall and turn right.
4. Follow the long hall all the way to the end and turn left.
5. Room 3212 is thru the only doorway.

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