Starting a Digitization Project

If you are interested in having your materials digitized and possibly hosted by MLibrary, this is the place to start.

This workflow is for projects that originate from the University of Michigan Libraries collections, University of Michigan departmental collections, as well as off-campus collections.

The Digital Library Production Service (DLPS) and the Digital Conversion Unit (DCU) are here to help guide your digitization project from start to finish. Below are the resources we will use to guide you through this process. It is possible that not all of the resources will be necessary for your particular project.

There are two flowcharts at the end of this document that will likely be useful to you as you read and fill out the following documents.

Digitization Workflow

1. Read or skim the Digitization Project FAQ. This FAQ has been designed to answer any initial questions you may have regarding what will be needed, in addition to the materials themselves, to start the digitization process.

2. Also read or skim the Gathering Legal Information for Digitizing Projects document. While not all of the information in this document will be necessary for your project, it's important that you understand the legal issues related to the rights and permissions to your hosted collection at MLibrary. This document is also available as a Word document, if you'd like to use it to note your responses.

3. Then fill out this short 1-page form, which has been created so that you can provide the important basic information we require to consider your project. Please fill it out as completely as possible and send it to

4. After receiving your form, we will likely set up an initial informational meeting, to talk through any questions you or we may have about the project.

5. A summary of the project will be forwarded to the Associate University Librarian (AUL) for Collections for their perusal. We will contact you if there are further questions that arise as part of that perusal.

6. Hopefully, the project is approved! We will be in touch about next steps at that point. N.B.: One of the next steps, if you are interested in having your materials hosted at MLibrary, will be a discussion with a staff member from the MLibrary Copyright Office, during which they will go over the Gathering Legal Information for Digitizing Projects document with you and ask any additional questions they may require.

Workflow Flowcharts





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