Preservation Microfilms

Please make sure that the film you are asking about says either University of Michigan Preservation Office or University of Michigan Photoduplication, NOT University Microfilms International. University Microfilms International is not associated with the University of Michigan (other than sharing a city) and we cannot duplicate films that we did not produce, including those from UMI.

Orders normally take 6-8 weeks to process.
Per film excluding postage- $62.00
Orders should be sent to Preservation at the University of Michigan, but will be filled, sent out and invoiced from Backstage Library Works

The mailing address for orders is-

Lara Unger
Digital Conversion Unit
University of Michigan Library
837 Greene Street, rm 3212
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-3213

Individuals and foreign patrons must prepay before OCLC will fill the order, regular institutions they will invoice.
OCLC does accept checks and credit cards. Email us for details.
Rush orders are possible (about a week turn around) but involve added fees which are dependant upon the current work situation.

Any questions about microfilm availability or placing an order can be directed to-
(At University of Michigan Library) Lara Unger (

Any questions about prepayment, credit card charges, or rush order charges contact-
(At Backstage Library Works) Joan Corkran ( or Joseph Konrath ( 


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