Digital Conversion Photography

Digital Conversion's Photography merges traditional and digital photographic methods to transform materials into high resolution digital images. Certain materials requiring special handling, and/or precise continuous tone reproduction, are digitized by our photography unit, with a wide variety of scanners and cameras. Such materials include, but are not limited to, images on film, photographic prints, oversize objects such as maps and posters, book fold- outs, any materials that are fragile or damaged, and three dimensional objects.

Image of Old World Map

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Works on Paper or other Reflective Media

Images on Film

3 Dimensional Objects

Quality Reproductions

Using techniques such as- including Kodak color and grayscale targets in each photograph, capturing only RAW flies with the Phase One digital camera back, and customized image processing with Adobe Photoshop, we are able to produce image files that look exactly like the original (when viewed on a properly calibrated monitor).

Fragile Materials

Our photographer is trained in the care and handling of rare and fragile objects and artifacts. Every effort will be made to return your materials in the same condition in which they were received.

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