Persistent URL Search for Materials in the University of Michigan Digital Library

Persistent urls for the Digital Library follow this format: ID)

The following form will send you to a persistant URL for any id, assuming it can find one. If there is no listing for that mirlyn id a message saying 'No record was found' will be displayed.

Instructions: Depending on when an item was digitized it will either be listed by the last 7 digits of the Aleph Number or the old 7 digit Notis ID.

To find the Notis ID: In mirlyn opac view marc tags and look for the tag field 'm01'. remove the 'UL' at the front of the notis id. To find the Aleph ID: In Mirlyn opac view the marc tags and look for the last field, 'sys', and remove the 1st two zeros.

You may need to do a search by both the Aleph ID and the Notis ID to find a title.


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Last modified: 03/26/2009