OAIster Summary Survey Report

1. Put a check next to the role that best describes you.
  Response Percent Response Total
    undergraduate student
5.7% 33
    graduate student
11.9% 69
    faculty member
9% 52
    research scientist
4.8% 28
    library staff member
42.4% 245
    other staff member
5.9% 34
    Other (please specify)
20.2% 117
Total Respondents   578
(skipped this question)   13

2. Do you go online to look for information to support your work?
  Response Percent Response Total
98.1% 566
    no, but I'm interested in using online resources
1.6% 9
    no, not applicable to my work
0.3% 2
Total Respondents   577
(skipped this question)   14
3. When you look for information online, what kinds of digital resources are you looking for? (check all that apply)
  Response Percent Response Total
  electronic books, i.e., the complete text of "War and Peace"
48.1% 266
  online journals, i.e., an article from The Journal of Insect Science
88.8% 491
  gray literature, e.g., a pre-print of a nuclear physics article from the Los Alamos National Laboratory
42.7% 236
  data, e.g., climate statistics taken at the UM Biostation
56.2% 311
  audio files, e.g., a John F. Kennedy speech
25% 138
  images, e.g., a picture of a Calder mobile
53.2% 294
  movies, e.g., an Edison phonograph commercial
17.5% 97
  reference materials, e.g., a list of engineering supply firms
80.1% 443
  Other (please specify)
22.4% 124
Total Respondents   553
(skipped this question)   38
4. What kinds of digital resources have you been looking for, but haven't been able to find online? (be as general or specific as you want)
 Total Respondents  
(skipped this question)   295
5. When you're looking for information, what are some problems you run into? (check all that apply)
  Response Percent Response Total
  you can't find a known resource
56.6% 263
  you only retrieve the record of a resource, but not the resource itself, e.g., the record of "War and Peace," not the text of "War and Peace"
67.1% 312
  you're not sure where to start looking for information
32% 149
  you're not sure whether it's more effective to search or browse for information
29.9% 139
  you're not sure how to use a search service
14.8% 69
  you're not sure how to formulate a search query
23.2% 108
  Other (please specify)
21.1% 98
Total Respondents   465
(skipped this question)   126
6. Would you be interested in being able to easily access digital resources that are currently difficult for you to find using standard web search and browse mechanisms?
  Response Percent Response Total
    very interested
75.8% 370
    somewhat interested
19.7% 96
2.9% 14
    not very interested
0.2% 1
    not interested
0.4% 2
    not applicable
1% 5
Total Respondents   488
(skipped this question)   103
7. Our service -- OAIster (http://oaister.umdl.umich.edu/) -- will provide access to difficult-to-find digital resources. What features would make this service useful to you? (check all that apply)
  Response Percent Response Total
  searching information about resources
77.5% 366
  browsing information about resources
58.3% 275
  searching the resource itself, e.g., within the complete text of a book
78.2% 369
  looking for resources in a specific subject area
82.6% 390
  limiting to resources of a particular format, e.g., only audio files
54.4% 257
  looking for resources created within a certain period of time
54.7% 258
  looking for new or updated resources
62.7% 296
  using a service that covers a wide range of subject areas
53% 250
  using a service that is continually updated
78.4% 370
  Other (please specify)
11% 52
Total Respondents   472
(skipped this question)   119
8. If you would be interested in being contacted for further testing of our service, please fill in your email address in the box below.
 Total Respondents  
(skipped this question)   380
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