OAIster Presentations and Publications



The following is an archive of presentations given by Kat Hagedorn (manager of the project) about OAIster and OAI.

20 Nov 2007 OAI Introduction to University of Michigan Technical Services, Ann Arbor, MI: UM_Hagedorn.ppt
26 Oct 2007 Notre Dame Mini-Symposium, South Bend, IN: ND_Hagedorn.ppt
12 Sep 2007 JIBS/JISC Eprints Workshop, Birmingham, England: JISC_Hagedorn.ppt
24 Apr 2007 Digital Library Federation (DLF) Spring Forum, Pasadena, CA: DLF_Spring07_Hagedorn.ppt
19 Apr 2007 CERN Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication (OAI5), Geneva, Switzerland: OAI5_Hagedorn.pdf
23 Jan 2007 Central Michigan University Mediasite User Group Meeting (videoconference): CMU_Hagedorn.ppt
10 Nov 2006 Digital Library Federation (DLF) Fall Forum, Boston, MA:
30 Oct 2006 University of Michigan School of Information Internet Public Library (IPL) Class, Ann Arbor, MI: IPL06_Hagedorn.ppt
25 Aug 2006 DLF OAI Implementers Workshop, Palo Alto, CA: Implementers_Hagedorn.ppt
24-25 Jul 2006 MEOW (Metadata Enhancement and OAI Workshop), Atlanta, GA: MEOW_Hagedorn.ppt
11 Apr 2006 Digital Library Federation (DLF) Spring Forum, Austin, TX:
6 Apr 2006 New England Technical Services Librarians (NETSL) Spring Conference 2006, Worcester, MA: NETSL_Hagedorn.ppt
28 Nov 2005 University of Michigan School of Information Internet Public Library (IPL) Class, Ann Arbor, MI: IPL05_Hagedorn.ppt
7-10 Nov 2005 Digital Library Federation (DLF) Fall Forum, Charlottesville, VA
13-15 Apr 2005 Digital Library Federation (DLF) Spring Forum, San Diego, CA: DLF_Spring05_Hagedorn.ppt
17 Nov 2004 Internet Librarian, Monterey, CA: IL04_Hagedorn.ppt
24 Sep 2004 CIC-OAI Project Meeting, Chicago, IL: CIC_Hagedorn.ppt
29-30 Jul 2004 Digital Library Federation (DLF) OAI Best Practices Working Group Meeting, Oakland, CA: Best_Practices_Hagedorn.ppt
19-21 Apr 2004 Digital Library Federation (DLF) Spring Forum, New Orleans, LA: DLF_Spring04_Hagedorn.ppt
18 Feb 2004 Open Archives Seminar, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark: DTU_Hagedorn.ppt
12-14 Feb 2004 Third Workshop on the Open Archives Initiative (OAI3), CERN, Geneva, Switzerland: BreakoutSession5_Summary.ppt
2-5 Oct 2003 Library and Information Technology Association (LITA) National Forum 2003, Norfolk, VA: LITA03_Hagedorn.ppt
17-19 Sep 2003 Special Libraries Association (SLA) Great Lakes Regional Conference V, Grand Rapids, MI: GLRCV2003_Hagedorn.ppt
31 May 2003 Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL) 2003, Houston, TX: JCDL03_Hagedorn.ppt
4-6 Nov 2002 Digital Library Federation (DLF) Fall Forum, Seattle, WA: DLF_Fall02_Hagedorn.ppt
7 Oct 2002 CIC Digital Library Initiatives Overview Committee (DLIOC) OAI Metadata Harvesting Services Conference, Chicago, IL:
10-12 May 2002 Digital Library Federation (DLF) Spring Forum, Chicago, IL: DLF_Spring02_Hagedorn.ppt
15-16 Apr 2002 Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) Spring 2002 Task Force Meeting, Washington, DC: CNI_Spring02_Hagedorn.ppt



The following is an archive of papers and articles written by OAIster staff on OAIster and OAI-related topics.

Jul/Aug 2008 Hagedorn, K., Santelli, J. "Google Still Not Indexing Hidden Web URLs." D-Lib Magazine (July/August 2008)
Jul/Aug 2007 Hagedorn, K., Chapman, S. and Newman, D. "Enhancing Search and Browse Using Automated Clustering of Subject Metadata." D-Lib Magazine (July/August 2007)
2007 Newman, D., Hagedorn, K., Chemudugunta, C. and Smyth, P. "Subject Metadata Enrichment using Statistical Topic Models." In JCDL '07, Proceedings of the 7th ACM/IEEE-CS Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (2007) pp. 366-375.
13 Mar 2007 Nesbit, J., Karels, L. and Hagedorn, K. "One stop shopping at U-M: 10 million and still growing." University of Michigan News Service (March 13, 2007)
24 Jan 2007 Hagedorn, K., Willett, P. and Karels, L. "OAIster Reaches 10 Million Records." University of Michigan Libraries, Digital Library Production Service (January 24, 2007)
2006 Foulonneau, M., Cole, T.W., Blair, C., Gorman, P.C., Hagedorn, K. and Riley, J. "The CIC Metadata Portal: A Collaborative Effort in the Area of Digital Libraries." Science & Technology Libraries 26:3/4 (2006) pp. 111-135. [purchase required]
Spring 2005 Shreeves, S., Habing, T., Hagedorn, K. and Young, J. "Current Developments and Future Trends for the OAI Protocol for Metadata Harvesting." Library Trends 53:4 (Spring 2005) pp. 576-589.
Mar/Apr 2005 Hagedorn, K. "Looking for Pearls of Information." Research Information 16 (March/April 2005).
Mar 2005 Hagedorn, K. "OAIster: Scholarly Content in the Major Search Engines." MLA News 374 (March 2005) p. 19.
Mar 2004 Hagedorn, K. and Hodges, P. "U-M expands access to hidden electronic resources with OAIster." University of Michigan Record (March 8, 2004)
2003 Halbert, M., Kaczmarek, J. and Hagedorn, K. "Findings from the Mellon Metadata Harvesting Initiative." In Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries, 7th European Conference, ECDL 2003 Proceedings, Trondheim, Norway, August 17-22, 2003, eds. Koch, T. and Solvberg, I.T. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2769 (2003) pp. 58-69. [subscription required]
2003 Hagedorn, K. "OAIster: A 'No Dead Ends' OAI Service Provider." Library Hi Tech 21:2 (2003) pp. 170-181. [subscription required]
2003 Wilkin, J., Hagedorn, K. and Burek, M. "Creating an Academic Hotbot: Final Report of the University of Michigan OAI Harvesting Project." University of Michigan Digital Library Production Service, January 2003.


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