Images on Film

Image of mushrooms scanned from negative

35mm film, both negatives and slides, are scanned on our Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 film scanner. This scanner has an optical resolution of 4000ppi (pixels per inch), and can produce a 58 MB or smaller digital file. This scanner is batch process enabled and can scan 35mm negative strips with up to six images, or up to 50 plastic mounted 35mm slides per batch. Materials within a batch must be of the same quality and condition. Older, cardboard mounted slides are not suitable for batch processing.

Images on medium format, and 4x5 large format film, are scanned on our Imacon Flextight Precision II film scanner. This single pass scanner has an optical resolution of 1800ppi at 100% magnification. Images on film that require a smaller file size/resolution may also be scanned on or Epson Expression 1640XL-GA flat bed scanner. This scanner scans both transmissive and reflective objects, i.e., film and paper, and has an optical resolution of 1600ppi.


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