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Digital Conversion has been charged with converting selections from the Special Collections which cannot be sent to the on-going Michigan Digitization (Google scanning) Project. Additionally DCU is preparing and scanning those materials from the general library collection which have been deemed in too poor condition to be scanned by Google's scanning operators.

The main equipment used for scanning books are our 2 Zeutschel planetary scanners and our Copibook from I2S.

Image of animals from title- Handbuch der staatswirthschaftslehre


Zeutschel 10,000
  • Bitonal, greyscale and color images
  • Adjustable, pneumatic book cradle
  • Map table scans at 400 ppi up to 36 inches x 56 inches
  • 600ppi up to 22 inches by 35 inches


Zeutschel 7,000
  • Only bitonal and greyscale images
  • Adjustable, pneumatic book cradle
  • Limited to materials size- 11 inches by 17 inches


  • Scans in full color 400ppi up to 25 x 16 inches
  • Adjustable book cradle

We also consult with our Digital Photographer for items that would benefit from his equipment and expertise, including items that have gold leaf, exceptional bindings, texture, oversized, and/or difficulty opening.

For more information please see our- Full DCU Equipment List or Digital Photography.


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