Digital Conversion Equipment List


Equipment   Description

Full Color
400 ppi 25 x 16 inches
Adjustable book cradle

Zeutschel 7,000  

Only bitonal and greyscale images
Adjustable, pneumatic book cradle
600 ppi Limited to materials size- 11 inches by 17 inches

Zeutschel 10,000  

Bitonal, greyscale and color images
Adjustable, pneumatic book cradle
600ppi up to 22 inches by 35 inches
Map table able to scan at 400 ppi 
  sizes up to 36 inches by 56 inches



Nikon Super Coolscan
5000 ED

35mm film scanner
Optical Resolution – 4000ppi. 
Scanning for mounted 35mm slides and film strips. 
Batch scanning enabled.

Imacon Flextight Precision II   Film Scanner Reproduction quality
Scanning for films from 35mm to medium format roll film to 4”x5" large format film.
Optical resolution – 1800ppi. 

24 or 48-bit RGB color.
14-bit A/D 0~4.1 Dmax.
Epson Expression 1640XL   Flatbed Scanner
1600 x 3200 ppi hardware resolution
Large-format scanning capability

ColorTrue II Imaging System and 42-bit color depth
High dynamic range (3.6 Dmax) 

AutoFocus optics system
USB and SCSI connectivity with optional FireWire®
Phase One P 45  

Medium Format Digital Camera Back
39 MegaPixel sensor producing     
117mb file sizes per shot. 
Multiple exposures may be stitched together in post processing  to produce very large high-resolution files.
72mm Digital APO lens
For use with ReproGraphic Workstation
For materialslarger than 12" by 17" or higher resolution images

Hasselblad H2  

Medium format camera equipped  with an HC 120mm f/4.0 Macro lens
For materials larger than 12" x 17" or higher resolution images
Used with the Bencher VP 400 copystand.

ReproGraphic Workstation  

Custom made oversize copystand
60” x 40” vacuum easel
For oversized materials larger then 12" x 17"

Bencher VP 400  

Trans-illuminated bed floor model copystand with a mechanized column
For oversized materials larger then 12" x 17"




















































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