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Iraqi Academic Scientific Journals

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Baghdad, Jun 20, 2012 

The Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research of Iraq is pleased to announce the launch of the new service "Iraqi Academic Scientific Journals" (IASJ).

IASJ is one platform where all scholarly journals published by the Iraqi universities and research institutions are indexed and discovered. All journals in IASJ are peer-reviewed and open access.

The main aim of IASJ is to improve the online discoverability and visibility of and access to the published scholarly research of iraqi academics. IASJ will help Iraqi authors to disseminate their research globally.

At the moment IASJ is launched in a Beta version with only 71 journals published by 18 institutions. The service will be further developed and will cover all journals, more than 200 journals publisher by 40 academic institutions in Iraq.

IASJ is developed and hosted by SemperTool, a company specialized in building digital library products. All content of IASJ will be included in the Iraqi Virtual Library System IVSL and it's discovery systemLibHub provided by SemperTool.

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