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Details: MGet It links will not be automatically available if accessing Google Scholar through the Search Tools when connecting from off-campus or through campus wireless. For now, to get MGet It links in Google Scholar: 1) Go to Google Scholar 2) Click on "Settings" link at top of page. 3) Click "Library links" on left side of page. 4) Enter "university of michigan" in search box. 5) You should get 2 "University of Michigan at Ann Arbor - Availability at UMichigan" results. Select both results. 6) Click on the "Save" button 7) Perform your search. 8) NOTE: Only the "Availability at UMichigan" links will work. If you attempt to connect through other article/book links you may not be able to access the item.

Alternative Titles
GoogleScholar (with "Availability at UMichigan" Links)

The Google Scholar search engine that searches for scholarly documents on the World Wide Web, with the added feature of MGet It (labeled as "Availability at UMichigan") links from University of Michigan at Ann Arbor that connect you to the online and print versions held by the University Library.

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Searches for documents available on World Wide Web dated from prehistory to the present.
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