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ebrary Academic Complete
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ebrary includes access to ebrary Academic Complete (70,000+ academic ebooks), ebrary Public Library Complete (27,000+ public library ebook titles), and individual books purchased on the ebrary platform.

ebrary Academic Complete is a growing and changing collection of 70,000+ e-books in many different academic subject areas. It includes mainly secondary works from university presses and other academic publishers first published in recent decades, but also selected classic works dating as far back as William Harvey's Circulation of the Blood, originally published in 1628.  Nearly all works are in the English language, though some are in other European languages (German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch).

ebrary Public Library Complete is a collection of 27,000+ ebooks in topics such as literature and poetry, career information, arts and leisure (art, cooking, photography, crafts, television & film, music, sports, travel), practical life skills (home repair, parenting, personal finance, pets, and real estate), personal health, school and studying, and children's books.  The collection includes nearly 5,000 titles in Spanish, including literature, history, and translations of English literature into Spanish.

ebrary content can be downloaded using the free Adobe Digital Editions software to most devices including the Nook, iPad, iPhone, etc., but not the Kindle or Kobo Vox.  For instructions go to: support.ebrary.com/category/english/download.

ebrary is retiring its dedicated mobile app as of August 4, 2014. You can now use Bluefire. To download the Bluefire app simply visit the App Store (http://links.proquest.mkt5049.com/ctt?kn=2&ms=NDY0ODMyNjAS1&r=MzU0Njg3NDY5MTUS1&b=0&j=NDgyMjA5MTg2S0&mt=1&rt=0) or Google Play (http://links.proquest.mkt5049.com/ctt?kn=3&ms=NDY0ODMyNjAS1&r=MzU0Njg3NDY5MTUS1&b=0&j=NDgyMjA5MTg2S0&mt=1&rt=0).

Note:  Printing and downloading from most of these books is limited to a maximum of "up to 60 pages" per book, or less--the page number limit for printing and downloading varies from book to book, and may be as low as 10 pages.  Currently, there is no way to tell whether the printing/downloading page number limit for a particular book is less than the standard 60 page maximum other than by trying to print or download a certain number of pages and seeing if you get an error message or not.  The dialog box that appears when printing or downloading always states (sometimes misleadingly) that a "maximum of 60 pages" applies, even when in fact the maximum is lower.  For more information, see the ebrary Support Center website.





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