Course Reserves FAQ for Students

What is course reserves?

Course reserves is a library service which allows faculty to make books and other physical items available for your class. The short borrowing periods for these items are designed to maximize access for all students in your class.

How do I find things on reserve?

You can look for the "Library Materials" tab in your class CTools site. This is a list of books and other physical items on reserve in a library for your class. Or, you can search the reserves section of the Mirlyn Classic catalog by course name or professor name to find out what is on reserve for your class. Make sure to check CTools or Mirlyn for the library call number and location of reserve items - these items may be at the Askwith Media Library, the Art, Architecture, and Engineering Library, the Music Library, or the Fine Arts Library, depending on the preference of the instructor. 

Where do I return reserve materials?

You should always return reserve materials to the library service desk from which you borrowed them.

What are the fines for overdue reserve items?

Reserve fines are $1.00 per hour as reserves services are designed to provide short-term use for high demand materials.

Why isn't my class material on reserve?

Library materials are put on reserve only upon faculty request. Many class materials may be available in the library or by making an interlibrary loan request.

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Last modified: 08/26/2014