Course Reserves Faculty FAQ

What is course reserves?

Course reserves is a library service which allows faculty to make books and other physical items available for the duration of a semester. The short borrowing periods for these items are designed to maximize access for all students in your class.

How do I submit a request to put items on reserve?

Submit a request to the location where you would like your materials to be held. 

Art Architecture and Engineering Library

     Web Form        Contact Email
Askwith Media Library 
(in-house film viewing)
     Submit Request by Email
Fine Arts Library      Submit Request by Email
Music Library      Submit Request by Email

Shapiro Library 
(University Reserves collection located within Askwith Media Library)

     Web Form        Contact Email
Taubman Health Sciences Library
(located in Askwith Media Library)
     Web Form        Contact Email

Who can place books on reserve?

Instructors or their representatives (Graduate Student Instructors, office assistants) may submit reserve requests.

What can be placed on reserve at the Library?

Books and other physical items owned by the University Library may be placed on course reserves. Instructors can also place their own copies of books, official coursepacks prepared by a professional print service, and other physical materials on reserve.

Electronic readings such as journal articles and book chapters are managed by individual instructor via the course CTools site. For assistance in saving material into CTools, you can contact the Faculty Exploratory at the Graduate Library or contact campus CTools help

7FAST, the Library's document delivery service, can provide electronic copies of library material. This service is free for faculty. 

When should I place my reserve request?

You may submit a request for course reserves at any time. Processing time varies based on material availabilty, so submit requests as far in advance as possible. 

How many copies of an item are placed on reserve?

In general, one copy will be placed on reserve. Additional copies may be placed on reserve for classes with high enrollment.

Will my students know how to use reserve items?

Let your students know that materials are on reserve for them, and at which library. Students will be able to tell what is on reserve for the class if you add the Library Materials tab to your CTools site, or by searching in Mirlyn Classic course reserves.

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