Copyright Camp

Making copyright fun!  Copyright Camp is an annual event with keynote presentations by Michael Carroll (2013), Deborah Wythe (2011), and Jessica Litman (2010) and breakout sessions to discuss trends and impact of the copyright world on libraries. Copyright camp is presented through the collaborative efforts of the University of Michigan Copyright Office, University of Michigan Library, and Open.Michigan.


Who owns research data and who cares?

Michael W. Carroll
June 20, 2013
Running Time:

Keynote speaker Michael W. Carroll, Professor of Law at the American University Washington College of Law, talks about who owns research data and who cares about this.  Download Michael Carroll's slidedeck.



Copyright: Two projects, Two soapboxes

Deborah Wythe
July 29, 2011
Running Time:

Keynote speaker Deborah Wythe, manager of the Brooklyn Museum of Art’s Digital Collections and Services department, talks about why the Brooklyn Museum of Art adopted Creative Commons licenses for images of many artworks in its collections, what it's meant for them, and how they did it.  For additional Copyright Camp resources from Deborah Wythe, please visit DeepBlue.

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Keynote Presentation on Copyright in Libraries

Jessica Litman
July 30, 2010
Audio Only (No video recorded this year)

Keynote speaker Professor Jessica Litman, Professor of Law at the University of Michigan, who calls for a new movement to reclaim copyright law for readers.  For additonal Copyright Camp resources and articles by Jessica Litman, please visit DeepBlue.



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