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  • Social Work

    A guide to social work research at the University of Michigan.

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  • Gathering Information to Profile a Community

    This guide is meant to help those enrolled in SW 560 and other courses which require students to develop a community profile.

  • Program Evaluation

    This guide is a collection of resources for faculty, students and researchers interested in program evaluation.

  • Tips on Using the Library for Social Work Instructors Faculty

    This is a guide for new and returning social work faculty on how to take advantage of library resources and services available at the University of Michigan Library.

  • Social Policies/Programs

    This is a guide to resources for the policy comparison assignment for Social Work 530 classes, Introduction to Social Welfare Policy and Services.

  • CASC 305 - Researching Social Movements and Causes

    This guide is a collection of suggested resources for finding background and current information on various movements and causes to help students enrolled in CASC 305 with assignments in the 2015 Winter Term.

  • Evidence-Based Research for Social Work

    This guide shows how social work researchers can take advantage of resources from the library as well as free resources to track down the best evidence

  • Staying Informed for Social Work Practice

    This guide offers resources and tips for keeping current with social work research for recent graduates and field instructors for the School of Social Work. It includes links to many free databases, government information and other resources.

  • Health Care Disparities

    This is a library research guide developed for students taking Social Work 634, Health Care Services and Policies during winter term 2012.

  • Health Disparities in the U.S.

    Provides information resources on conducting research on health disparities in the United States.