Submission Guidelines for Bert's Study Lounge Screens

The Library invites and encourages submission of content for display on the video screens in Bert's Study Lounge.  Although students are especially encouraged, any U-M Affiliate may submit content for review, subject to the guidelines below.  Additionally, U-M's North Quad has created this handy reference guide to creating digital signage that we highly recommend.
Content suitable for submission includes two broad and distinct types:

  1. Original art work or research presented in graphical format.  Many formats are acceptable;  examples could include photographs, digitally created art work, video clips, PowerPoint slides, etc.
  2. Event information, news items, or similar content related to official U-M student and academic groups, departments, etc.
  1. All submission requests and inquiries must be made via email to  Content may be submitted as an attachment in an email message to, or a link to content mounted in the domain. 
  2. Persons or groups submitting content must be currently affiliated with the University of Michigan.
  3. Submission of photographs, videos, and other digital content must be the original work of the entrant.
  4. Formatting:
    • Single photos and similar graphical images should be submitted with a resolution of 72 DPI or higher in a standard format such as JPG, PDF, PNG, or TIF.  To match the screen resolution, single image size should be in a 16:9 ratio.  
    • Videos may be submitted for consideration; WMV format is preferable. A link to content on Vimeo or YouTube is also acceptable. Audio may not be available; we recommend subtitling your work.  
    • Groups of photos or slideshows should be submitted in Powerpoint using this 16:9 template, saving as .ppt with any necessary fonts embedded (use the option to only embed characters in the presentation, not all characters).
  5. Each email submission must include the following information:
    • The title of the work (if any)
    • The complete name of the person or group submitting the content and, for students, class standing, college affiliation (sophomore LSA, senior Engineering, etc.)
  6. In submitting photographs, video, and other work which depicts individuals, it is assumed by the University of Michigan and the University of Michigan Library that the photographer or artist has obtained the rights and permission of those featured in the photograph, video, or other work. Neither the University of Michigan nor the University of Michigan Library is responsible for cases in which permission has not been granted by the subjects.
  7. By submitting content to be used on the screens in Bert's Study Lounge, entrants agree to grant the University of Michigan Library permission to use the content in promotional materials without compensation to the submitter.  Any content used for any purposes will be fully credited to the submitter.  Submitters also agree to allow content to be reformatted by the Library to properly display on the video screens.
  8. All submissions will be reviewed by members of the Shapiro Lobby Content Team.  All content is subject to approval by the Shapiro Lobby Content Team and may take up to 5 days to go through the approval process.  The Library reserves the right to approve or deny any submission of content at its discretion.
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Last modified: 10/13/2015