Social Roles

 100% woman VIDEO-D 46591-D

A post-operative transsexual, Michelle Dumaresq, has provoked outrage by entering the sport of women's mountain bike racing. The program explores complex issues of gender identity surrounding the controversy and manifested in Dumaresq's personal and professional relationships. Includes commentary from her parents and interviews with Michelle, friends, and rival cyclists.


A boy named Sue VIDEO-D 44757-D

Documents the transformation of a female-to-male transexual named Theo over the course of six years, highlighting changes in his relationships with his female partner and close friends.


The aggressive VIDEO-D 43703-D

Features intimate interviews with 6 transgendered lesbians (5 African American, 1 Asian) living in New York City who define themselves as "aggressives." They exhibit masculine appearances and behaviors, but do not aspire to be men. Shows their daily lives and their participation in the underground lesbian "ball" scene, where cross-dressers compete for trophies.


American violet 52664-D 103 minutes 2008

A young, single mother of four (Beharie) is wrongly accused of selling drugs near a school and is offered a plea deal that would force her to admit to a crime she didn't commit. She challenges the laws of Texas when, instead of ruining her life with a conviction, she decides to sue the DA for racial discrimination in a case that changes her life as well as the laws of her state. Based on a true story.


Among equals VIDEO 23601-H

Explores the importance of peer relationships in middle childhood development. Children are depicted working out moral dilemmas and social relationships; developing self-identity; participating in youth groups and team sports. Also discusses the lifestyles of runaway and rejected children in Brazil, and the historical effects of American slavery.


Asian boys VIDEO 40800-H

Eleven interviews with young gay Asian and Asian American men living in the United States. The interviews are intercut with images of in Chinatown and footage from the Miss Universe contest in the Philippines. The interviewees responses to requests for childhood stories range from humorous to hostile, from genuine to satirical, revealing their underlying ideas about race and identity.


At home in Utopia 49930-D 133 minutes 2008

Focuses on the United Workers Cooperative Colony, aka the Coops, the most grass-roots and member-driven of the Jewish labor housing cooperatives, where many of the residents were Communists or sympathetic to the communist movement. Beginning as a stalwartly secular East European Jewish working class enclave, they were part of an international movement. This film bears witness to lives lived with courage across the barriers of race, nation, language, convention, and sometimes even common sense.


The axe in the attic 48170-D 110 minutes 2009

"In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, two filmmakers, drawn together by outrage, take a sixty-day road trip from New England to New Orleans. Along the way they meet evacuees and witness the loss, dignity, perseverance and humor of people who have become exiles in their own country. The breakdown of trust between a government and its citizens, the influence of race, class, and gender, as well as the ethics of documentary filmmaking itself, form the backdrop for this universal story of the search for home" --

Special features: optional audio commentary by Pincus & Small; 11 extended & deleted scenes (ca. 30 min. total); "Fast women, slow horses : the story of Richard Omes" short documentary film (10 min.); "Lower Ninth Ward" short documentary film (8 min.); interactive map of the journey; theatrical trailer (2 min.); Q&A session at the New Orleans Film Festival (11 min.); Q&A session at the Harvard School of Public Health (12 min.).


Bachelor mother 54239-D

Unemployed Polly Parrish impulsively picks up a baby left at orphanage doors at Christmas. Everyone assumes the foundling is hers, including Polly's playboy ex-boss, who offers her a job if she'll live up to her maternal duties. A paycheck would be handy, so Polly complies. Then the boss's tycoon dad assumes the infant is his secret grandson, and things really spin out of control.


The Ballad of Little Jo VIDEO-D 36475-D

Based on a true story, this is the tale of Josephine Monaghan, a young woman of the mid-19th century who is thrown out of her parents' home after being seduced by the family's portrait photographer and giving birth to an illegitimate child. Josephine quickly learns that young, female, pretty, and alone are a bad combination for life in the wild west. In her desperation to survive, Josephine disguises herself as "Jo", a young man, and struggles to make a life for herself in a dingy frontier mining town.


Beautiful men VIDEO-D 44771-D

Using a deceptively complex split-screen device to contemplate the issue of sexual identity, Beautiful Men observes three drag queens, capturing their lives in out out of the drag bar. Sister Sha, the first love of the bar owner, had her first performance in the bar during the 1960s, and won't quit dancing until she turns 60. Qingqing, the famous veteran dancer, accidentally marries a woman and will soon become a father. And Xixi, the rising star, delicately maintains a relationship with his lesbian girlfriend, whom he plans to marry in order to please his parents.


Being gay VIDEO-D 48664-D

This program presents the accounts and stories of people who have recently taken the step of coming out. Interviewees and experts discuss the benefits of this important transition by examining the six stages of coming to terms with one's sexual identity.


B.D. women VIDEO-D 50686-D

On being a black lesbian, with interviews in Great Britain and interspersed performance pieces.


Beauteous 38115-H 43 minutes 2002

a "BeauteouS: Stephanie" is a documentary on the life of the filmmaker's youngest sister who describes her experiences with a cleft lip and palate and the endless surgeries she has endured. In "BeauteouS: Giovanna" the filmmaker reveals her understanding of her body through sound and image experiments. "BeauteouS" is a narrative comedy about Donatella, a Long Island beauty queen who realizes she's more than a pretty face.

Beauteous : the trilogy: Beauteous: Stephanie (14 min., 40 sec.). Beauteous: Giovanna (3 min., 40 sec.). Beauteous (23 min., 20 sec.)


Beneath clouds 52295-D

Lena is a fair-skinned girl with an Aboriginal mother. She rejects the indigenous family that surrounds her and longs for the love of her Irish father. Vaughn is a dark-skinned teenage boy who lives in a prison camp. He is angry at the 'white' world that surrounds him. These two hardened souls escape from their worlds in a struggle for purpose, identity, and love.


Blacking up 53341-D

"Hip-Hop was created by urban youth of color more than 30 years ago amid racial oppression and economic marginalization. It has moved beyond that specific community and been embraced by young people worldwide, elevating it to a global youth culture. The ambitious and hard-hitting documentary Blacking Up: hip-hop's remix of race and identity looks at the popularity of hip-hop among America's white youth. It asks whether white identification is rooted in admiration and a desire to transcend race or if it is merely a new chapter in the long continuum of stereotyping, mimicry and cultural appropriation? Does it reflect a new face of racial understanding in white America or does it reinforce an ugly history? Against the unique backdrop of american popular music, Blacking up explores racial identity in U.S. society. The film artfully draws parallels between the white hip-hop fan and previous incarnations of white appropriation from blackface performer Al Jolson to mainstream artists like Elvis Presley, the Rolling Stones and Eminem. It interweaves portraits of white hip-hop artists and fans with insightful commentary by African American cultural critics such as Amiri Baraka, Nelson George, Greg Tate, comedian Paul Mooney and hip-hop figures Chuck D., Russell Simmons, M1 of Dead Prez, and DJ Kool Herc".


Black is-- black ain't 50310-D 87 minutes 1995

A frank and honest look at black identity in America. Uses incisive storytelling and commentary from prominent black intellectuals, including Angela Davis, Bell Hooks, and Cornel West. Meant to stir provocative debate and add reinforcement to a bold vision for a humanity that embraces all people. Explodes the myth that black America is monolithic.


Black nations/queer nations? VIDEO 42063-H

"On March 9, 1995 an historic conference took place in New York City about the state of affairs among lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgendered people of African descent. What resulted will shape debates around race, gender, sexuality and sexual practice well into the next century."


Black womyn 54314-D 90 minutes

A documentary film focusing on the lives and views of lesbians of African descent from various backgrounds. Interviews were conducted with close to 50 out black lesbians including Cheryl Clarke, Aishah Shahidah Simmons, Staceyann Chin, Michelle Parkerson, KIN (IQ & NOR), and Fiona Zedde.

Coming out -- Discrimination & homophobia -- Sexuality & religion -- Visibility in the media -- Activism -- Gender roles & identities -- Love & relationships -- Marriage -- Balancing gender, race, & sexuality -- What it means to be a black lesbian.


The Blank point VIDEO 28636-H

Modern medical procedures now permit changes of gender through surgery. Sometimes equated with "Transvestism," "Transsexualism" is often both confusing and misunderstood. This film attempts to explain this phenomenon whereby some individuals elect to undergo surgery in order to live in their "preferred" gender instead of that into which they were born. Included are interviews with several people who have undergone the procedures, which includes both physical alteration of the body and psychological


Body image VIDEO-D 42982-D

Seven women go on a retreat to share their feelings about their bodies, the sources of these feelings and the images of women in mass media. Based on the research of Dr. Michelle A. Wolf.


Body story. 29387-H 48 minutes 1997

Women, a true story

This program takes a provocative look at women₂s efforts to change societal attitudes about the "ideal" female form. We move from the 19th century, when women were pressured nto wearing corsets, to the 1990s, where they still feel pressure from society to "shape up." Anorexia is discussed as a condition arising from younger women's need to attain an impossible physical ideal. Women boxers, rock climbers, and runners are seen challenging old assumptions regarding the limited capabilities of women in sports. Propaganda from the 40s and 50s picturing the "ideal" female figure presents an interesting contrast to several contemporary women who are challenging the old attitudes.


Born in the wrong body (En el cuerpo equivocado) VIDEO-D 54874-D

Documentary of Cuba's first transsexual to undergo gender reassignment surgery. "Mavi Sussel underwent (male-to-female) gender reassignment surgery in 1988 and the documentary is a journey inside this woman, and about the prejudices and problems she has faced, and the questioning of her womanliness," filmmaker Marilyn Solaya said, quoted on the official news agency AIN. The state's sexual education office (Cenesex), led by sexologist Mariela Castro, a daughter of President Raul Castro, has lobbied hard for issues such as transsexualism to be confronted head-on in Cuba. In 2008 sex change operations were legalized in Cuba, 20 years after they were frozen following the operation on local trailblazer Mavi Sussel. They are now free and performed by Cuban experts trained by European (Aug. 17. 2008).


Boy I am VIDEO-D 43982-D

Follows the transitions of Nicco, Norie and Keegan, three young New Yorkers from different race and class backgrounds, as they prepare and undergo female to male transition surgery. Reveals the conflict over the place of trans-males within the lesbian community.


Boys don't cry VIDEO-D 29898-D

Teena Brandon alters her appearance to appear as a man, and assumes the name Brandon Teena. She moves to a tiny Nebraska town and begins making new friends under her new identity. All goes well until her new friends discover her secret. Based on a true story about hope, fear, and the courage it takes to be yourself.


Boy to Girl to Man : Disproving the theory of gender neutrality 45535-D

Boy to Girl to Man : Disproving the theory of gender neutrality


The Brandon Teena story VIDEO-D 30653-D

Documentary film about Brandon Teena, who arrived in rural Falls City, Nebraska, in 1993 where he finds some new friends. Three weeks later he is brutally raped and beaten by friends who discover that he is actually a woman. A week later the same two men murder Teena along with two other people. This is a tale of Brandon's coming of age struggle with identity and how his gender ambiguity induced feelings of betrayal, confusion and hostility among residents of a town in America's heartland.


Camp out VIDEO-D 49241-D

Follows ten Midwestern teenagers as they attend the first overnight Bible Camp for gay Christian youth. As they struggle to be true to both their spirituality and their sexual identity, the teens will discover that coming out as a Christian is just as difficult as coming out gay. An important journey that explores the battle between religion, politics, and sexuality that rages in the United States today.


The Castro 47171-H 86 minutes 1997

Chronicles the history of the Castro district from a working class neighborhood to the center of gay and lesbian life in San Francisco.


Childhood and adolescence VIDEO 18232-H

Looks at the developmental "clocks" of childhood and adolescence, particularly the biological one which brings on puberty and the social one in which identity is molded.


The codes of gender VIDEO-D 50726-D

Sex & gender -- The feminine touch -- The ritualization of subordination -- Licensed withdrawal -- Infantalization -- Codes of masculinity -- Trapped in the code -- History, power & gender display.


The Color of fear 49384-D 90 minutes 1994

Eight North American men of different races talk together about how racism affects them.


Cross-gender supervision VIDEO 37546-H

Covers the problems faced by both male and female officers when they interact with cross-gender inmates. It is so important to know where to draw the line in a professional manner that is fair and consistent to all inmates.


Crossing the line 49395-D 59 minutes 2008

"This full length documentary analyzes how mixed race comedians mediate multiracial identities and humor. Crossing lines of racial, ethnic, and cultural acceptability by their very existence, multiracial comedians reveal that meanings of race vary across ethnic combination, gender, place, and time. The film features the experiences, perspectives, and performances of American comedians of more than one racial ancestry. The timeliness of multiracial comedians' roles as crossracial mediators is underscored as they provide insight into controversies over how comedians express race (i.e., Michael Richards' use of the N-word, Rosie O' Donnell's slurs), and other debated meanings of race in an increasingly diverse society. Exploring these questions exposes the very nature of where pain and laughter come from in a racially divided world"--Entertaining Diversity website.


Dangerous living VIDEO-D 41017-D

Explores the lives of gay and lesbian people in non-Western cultures, where most occurrences of oppression receive no media coverage at all.

Special features: chapter selection; shocking footage of the Cairo 52 Trial; interviews with representative Barney Frank, new DNC chairman Howard Dean and director John Scagliotti; ambassador James Hormel introduces leading human rights organizations; human rights watch film notes; biographies; trailer gallery.


Diversity & the academic disciplines VIDEO 39245-H

Extended excerpts from two faculty panels discussing the meaning of race and gender in various disciplines. They note that history has tended to equate race and gender with difference and the suspicion of being permanently outside civil or civilizable society. While in many science disciplines, race and gender seem to have no effect on the content of research, questions linger over how a more diverse community of scientists might alter the nature of scientific research. Would a differently constituted cadre of researchers reach different conclusions about what is "important" to a discipline? Is "truth" immutable?


Don't take diversity so seriously 49416-D 81 minutes 2010

Co-sponsors: The Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives, Bentley Historical Library, Information Technology Central Services, Kresge Business Administration Library of the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, Law Library, School of Information, University Housing.

Presented as part of campus-wide 2009 MLK Day activities. Larry Wilmore shares his unique perspective on news, trends, pop culture, current events, politics, diversity, sports, entertainment, and his life.


A drag king extravaganza 49657-D

What is a drag king? What is the Drag King Conference? Simply speaking, a drag king is a woman who dresses in a male persona for theatrical purposes. A Drag King Extravaganza, however, reveals that being a drag king is not so simple. During the last ten years this performance art has exploded into a complex and fascinating movement which centralizes around an annual drag king conference called the International Drag King Community Extravaganza (IDKE). Within this conference, gender, sexuality, race and ability are explored through in-depth discussions and provocative performances. This documentary provides a reflexive look at "what is a drag king" and a personal journey inside their conference. Interviewees include Christopher Noe, Kentucky Fried Woman, Mel Corn, Deb "Dirk" Pearce, Flare, Julie "Jake" Applegate, Toe B, Sile Luster / Lustivious Dela Virgion, Erin Tarr, Big Papa, Ken Vegas, Dante DiFranco and many more.


Errances VIDEO-D 52827-D

Drew works for his brother as a forest ranger in the small but picturesque mountain town of Summit Valley. When he rescues a handsome young man from a mountain accident, his aimless life takes on new direction. The man he has rescued has lost his memory, and all he remembers is his first name--Mark--and the brief flashes of his life that come to him in nightmares. As Mark falls in love with Drew, he is troubled by his lost past. Mark finally realizes that he has no choice but to discover what lies in his past--and what led him to the mountainside where Drew rescued him on that fateful rainy night.


Family name 50395-D 89 minutes 2009

As a child growing up in Durham, North Carolina, Macky Alston never questioned why all the other Alstons in his school were black. Now, after twenty-five years, he has gone back to unravel the mystery. In this documentary of race relations, Alston travels to family reunions, picnics, housing projects, churches, graveyards & the original Alston plantations to find people who share his family name.


Fated to be queer VIDEO 40999-H

Four gay Asian American men speak about coming to terms with their identity as gay Asian Americans and of the attitudes of family members and friends towards them.


Fires in the mirror 54542-D 87 minutes

On Aug. 19, 1991, in Crown Heights (Brooklyn, N.Y.), a Hasidic man accidentally ran over a 7-year-old Black boy (Gavin Cato). Three hours later a young Jewish scholar (Yankel Rosenbaum) was murdered by Black youths. Four days of fire-bombing and riots ensued. Utilizing verbatim excerpts from interviews she conducted, Anna Deavere Smith acts out the roles of 18 people involved in the racial conflict, trying to present the differing viewpoints. Includes actual film footage of the riots and violence.


First do no harm VIDEO 38117-H

(Producer) Argues for a new understanding of intersex and for a new, patient-centered standard of care. The traditional medical standard of care has called for 'normal' gender identity to be 'assigned' through genital plastic surgery and to be reinforced by controlling the amount of information given to parents and patients. This film outlines the problems with such current practices, and provides guidelines for the new standard that is more advanced both scientifically and ethically. Based on a panel discussion.


Fremde Haut VIDEO-D 48258-D

"Fariba, persecuted in Iran because of her love for another woman, assumes the identity of a man to gain temporary asylum in Germany. She takes an illegal factory job where fellow worker Anne takes an interest in the strage foreigner. As the two become close, Anne begins to suspect Fariba's true identity - and both women face danger when authorities tell Fariba she must return to Iran."


Gay USA 51462-D

Film of 1977 lesbian and gay pride parades and marches throughout the United States. Intercut with on-the-street interviews with gay men and women on their lovers and how they came out.


Gender 101 VIDEO 30177-H

Various speakers involved with the transgendered community offer perspectives on the nature of gender and the transgendered.


Gendernauts VIDEO-D 42367-D

Documents the female-to-male (F2M) transgender cyber-community in San Francisco.


Generation M VIDEO 49813-D

"Despite the achievements of the women's movement over the past four decades, misogyny remains a persistent force in American culture. In this important new documentary, Thomas Keith, Professor of Philosophy at California State University, Long Beach, looks specifically at misogyny and sexism in mainstream American media, exploring how negative definitions of femininity and hateful attitudes toward women get constructed and perpetuated at the very heart of our popular culture. The film tracks the destructive dynamics of misogyny across a broad and disturbing range of media phenomena: including the hyper-sexualization of commercial products aimed at girls, the explosion of violence in video games aimed at boys, the near-hysterical sexist rants of hip-hop artists and talk radio shock jocks, and the harsh, patronizing caricatures of femininity and feminism that reverberate throughout the mainstream of American popular culture. Along the way, Generation M forces us to confront the dangerous real-life consequences of misogyny in all of its forms--making a compelling case that when we devalue more than half the population based on gender, we harm boys and men as well as women and girls"



Golden Dawn 52218-D 81 minutes 1930

"Dawn, a young white girl who has been kidnaped in infancy and reared by Mooda, an African woman who operates a canteen in the German cantonment, meets and falls in love with Tom Allen, an English rubber planter who is a prisoner of war. Shep Keyes, who has joined the German troops, covets her but realizes he cannot possess her because she is betrothed to the tribal god, Mulunghu. On the eve of the ceremony, he learns of her love for Tom. Tom, meanwhile, is sent back to England, and when the English take the territory from the Germans, Shep tries to incite the natives, who are experiencing a drought, against Dawn because of her love of a mortal. Tom learns from Mooda that Dawn was stolen from a white trader and finds her seeking refuge in a convent. Shep arouses the natives, but Dawn declares her faith in the white man's God, and a thunderstorm brings relief to the parched land, after which Tom claims her for his bride"--AFI catalog, 1921-1930.


Head On VIDEO-D 33084-D

A 19 year old Greek youth struggles with his sexual identity and has several homosexual and a clumsy heterosexual encounters.


Hermaphrodites speak VIDEO 50572-D 

This film covers the first meeting of intersexed people. Seven participants, two assigned as men and four as women, discuss their experiences of mutilation under the rubric of standard medical treatment for hermaphroditic children.


Hero pharmacy VIDEO 25522-H

Describes the construction and definition of "manhood" in the context of religious strife between Hindus and Muslims in India. Questions whether or not violence is inherent in the human condition.


He said, she said 38656-H 50 minutes 2001

Live video presentation of Deborah Tannen's seminal contributions to the understanding of gender, language, and communication.

Boys & girls -- Status & connection -- Directness & indirectness -- Public talk & private talk -- Ritual opposition -- Conversational style -- Conclusion.


Higher learning 38309-D

First-term freshmen get a crash course in diversity, identity and sexuality.


How to be a woman 50532-D

" As the daughters of the baby boom reached adolescence, the American school system struggled to educate them on matters of sexual and social development - lessons that were not always being taught at home. To the teacher uncomfortable with such topics, classroom films were a godsend. They depicted the reproductive system in anatomical detail or through puzzling symbolism. Beyond sex education, classroom films addressed a wide array of social issues, from the importance of cooking skills to self-defense and how to appear more pleasing to others. Often corny, sometimes frightening, these cinematic life lessons - curated and introduced by Skip Elsheimer, founder of the A/V Geeks educational film archive - provide a fascinating window to the hopes and fears of parents and educators in mid-century America."


The infidel 53398-D

Meet Mahmud Nasir, loving husband, doting father, and something of a relaxed Muslim. He may not be the most observant, but in his heart he is a true Muslim. After his mother's death, Mahmud finds his birth certificate, which reveals that he was adopted at birth and he's Jewish, with the real name of Solly Shimshillewitz!


Inside out VIDEO-D 43640-D

Documents the daily activities of three individual who are coming to terms with their transgender identities and the related emotional and physical transformations while living in the Islamic Republic of Iran.


In the land of the giants 23599-H

Features three- to five-year-olds learning social and psychological intricacies of family life. The families in this cross-cultural study teach their children how to view and cope with the wider world as they interact with it at day care and school. Varying models of behavior and codes of discipline mold chldren in their culture's approved social image. Jealousy, punishment, gender task assignments, and the importance of birth order to children are discussed.


I shall not be removed VIDEO 26865-H

A film biography of Marlon Riggs, the gifted, gay, black filmmaker who produced documentary films addressing issues of identity among Afro-Americans and gays. Clips from his films show how he evolved a unique experimental documentary style, mixing poetry, criticism, the personal and the political. It also documents his long battle against AIDS until his death in 1994 and includes interviews with family, friends, and co-workers.


The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality 25th Anniversary Celebration, June 15-17, 2001 classics set  44722-H 2001

3 video cassettes

 Confiscated --  Black is beautiful --  Smokers.


In the matter of Cha Jung Hee 54105-D

"Her passport said she was Cha Jung Hee. She knew she was not. So began a 40 year deception for a Korean adoptee who came to the US in 1966. Told to keep her true identity a secret from her new American family, this 8 year old girl quickly forgot she was ever anyone else. But why had her identity been switched? And who was the real Cha Jung Hee? In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee is the search to find the answers, as acclaimed filmmaker Deann Borshay Liem (First person plural, PBS 2000) returns to her native Korea to find her "double," the mysterious girl whose place she took in America. As seen on PBS on the award-winning series, Point of View (POV)"


Is it a boy or a girl? VIDEO-D 47409-D

Explores the medical management of infants born with ambiguous sexual anatomy and whether or not patients born with the disorder should be given the opportunity to choose their gender.


Juchitán queer paradise 48416-D 64 minutes 2003

"This is a fascinating portrait of Juchitan, a small Mexican city near the Guatemalan border. Here homosexuality is fully accepted; gays are simply a third gender. If a boy shows a predisposition to homosexuality his family will rejoice and be thankful for receiving what is considered a blessing. In Juchitan a man who wants to be a woman only has to dress like a woman to be considered and treated as a woman by the entire community. The film profiles three gay people: a teacher, a hairdresser and a shop owner."

"In other ways this is a truly unique society. The population of Zapotec Indians resist the homogeneous trends of globalization. While Indian languages are endangered everywhere else in the world, in Juchitan, the Zapotec language is spoken proudly at home, at municipal meetings, in poetry, song and theatre.”


Juggling gender VIDEO 27032-H

Features Jennifer Miller, juggler and director of Circus Amok. Miller speaks of her life and struggle as a lesbian woman who happens to have a moustache and beard. Includes scenes of circus performances, a gay rights parade, Miller interacting with friends, family, and strangers.


Kapò 52464-D

The story of a Jewish girl from Paris sent to a concentration camp during World War II and her struggle to survive by stealing another's identity and becoming a warden.


Khush VIDEO 51378-H

Participants: Punam Khosla, Shivananda Khan, Maya Chowdhry, Mita Radhakrishnan, Kartikeya, Kalpana, Poulomi Desal, D. Daplip, Rani Dutt, Mohammed Aslam, Sonia Jabbar, Giti Thadani.


Krudas VIDEO-D 49435-D

"Krudas explores the lives and work of a Cuban lesbian couple who are hip hop singers and performers. The duo Krudas addresses issues such as women's liberation, lesbian rights, female solidarity, and racism. Their work is deeply engaged with feminism and strong ties to their African roots."--Container.


The ladies' room 47756-H 50 minutes

 Videocassette release of a documentary originally produced in 2003.

Filmed in a women's restroom in a park in Tehran, this film offers insights into the lives of women in Iran. The ladies' room enables the women to unveil themselves, both physically and psychologically.


The Living end 48078-D 86 minutes   1992

Focuses on the relationship between a pair of young, HIV-positive outcasts.

Includes the trailers, Being at home with Claude and Blast 'em, at beginning of video.


Looking for a space : lesbians & gay men in Cuba VIDEO 51673-D

A documentary film examining the treatment of lesbians and gay men during the early years of the Cuban Revolution and perspectives of current residents of Cuba on questions of political ideology and sexual identity.


Lost boundaries 52177-D 99 minutes 1949

Based on the true story of a light-skinned black family who pass for white in a New Hampshire town.


 Ma vie en rose VIDEO-D 46191-D

Ludovic is waiting for a miracle. With six-year-old certainty, he believes he was meant to be a little girl and that the mistake will soon be corrected. But where he expects the miraculous, Ludo finds only rejection, isolation and guilt--as the intense reactions of family, friends, and neighbors strip away every innocent lace and bauble.


Middle sexes VIDEO-D 45536-D

"This program explores the lives of those who do not conform to rigid gender concepts and examines changes in brain science that are shedding light on grey areas between male and female."


Mistaken identity  VIDEO 23477-H

Who are you? Where does your individual identity begin and end? While Western societies strive to answer these questions through a biological view--conception, adolesence, maturity, and death-- tribal cultures define identity by social forces, who rears you, and an organic continuum.


El Mundo del silencio VIDEO 39232-H

A compilation of short films. "Cuevas is obsessed with the micro movements of daily life, with the border between truth and fiction, with the "impossibility" of reality. Her work relentlessly seeks out the layers of lies covering the everyday representations of reality and systematically explores the fictions of national identity and gender."


Off and running VIDEO 52646-D

Documentary about a Brooklyn teen-aged girl, raised by two Jewish mothers and with two adopted brothers, who searches for information about her African-American birth mother. Her complex exploration of race, identity, and family begins to lead the teen into trouble in her personal life, threatening a promising career as a track and field athlete. She eventually picks up the pieces of her life, leading to inspiring results.


On & off the res' 34057-H 56 minutes

Native American comedian Charlie Hill talks about his life and career. Includes clips from his performances and commentary by Vine Deloria, Dennis Banks, Dick Gregory, Steve Allen, and others.


On being a man 51788-H 60 minutes

 Join poet Robert Bly and storyteller Michael Meade and an audience of 30 Twin Cities' men in an hour of interaction, imagery and introspection into the topic of what it means to be a man today.


One drop 32606-H

Explores the recurring and divisive issue in African American communities of skin color. The film inter-cuts intimate interviews with darker skinned African Americans, lighter skinned African Americans and inter-racial children of black and white parents. It investigates the sensitive topic of color consciousness within the African American community with great tact and a clear commitment to healing divisions.


One nation under God VIDEO-D 38255-D

Two former leaders of an "ex-gay" ministry expose and ridicule therapies and techniques used by some Christian organizations to attempt to change the sexual orientation of homosexuals along with commentary from gay leaders.


The Operation 30182-H

Shows a man undergoing sex reassignment surgery and breast augmentation, with commentary and discussion by the surgeon.


The Opposite sex VIDEO 27895-H -27896-H

This four-part series looks at men and women's bodies, brains, emotions and behaviour. Using a combination of science, observation and opinion, it cuts through the sexual politics that usually surrounds the subject and poses basic questions about the actual state of our current knowledge and beliefs about sexual difference.


Our bodies, our minds VIDEO-D 48260-D

The seven women in this film represent a subsection of the feminist movement known as sex-positive feminists. These feminists stress tolerance of sexual diversity, freedom to express one's sexuality and identity, the rights of sex workers, and the importance of making sex-related information available.


Outlaw VIDEO 30175-H

Interview with transvestite Leslie Feinberg.


The oyster princess VIDEO-D 44679-D

The Oyster Princess: a comedy in which a pampered American oyster tycoon plans to find a prince to marry his much-indulged daughter, but things don't go his way. I don't wanna be a man: while her father is away, a teenage tomboy impersonates a man in this gender-bending absurdist comedy.

The oyster princess (1919 ; 60 min.) -- I don't wanna be a man (1920 ; 45 min.)


Paper dolls 45690-D

After closing the border to Palestinian workers, Israeli authorities enticed foreigners to fill gaps in the job market. Filipinos in various stages of gender transition came as caregivers to elderly, orthodox Jewish men, but are still outsiders.


Privilege VIDEO 25030-H

Interweaving the real and fictional, the personal and political, the filmmaker delves into concepts such as sexual identity and unequal economies of race, gender, and class while making a film on menopause.


Prodigal sons 52753-D

Returning home to Montana for her high school reunion, filmmaker Kimberly Reed (previously the school quarterback and now a transgender woman) hopes for reconciliation with her long-estranged adopted brother. But along the way she uncovers stunning revelations (including a connection to Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth), intense sibling rivalries, and unforeseeable twists of plot and gender that force them to face challenges no one could imagine.


Push, literacy, women, and African American literature 50985-D 148 minutes 2010

Co-sponsors: Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives, Bentley Historical Library, Law Library, School of Information, University Housing.

Presented as part of campus-wide 2010 MLK Day activities. Sapphire presents a program "Push, literacy, women, and African American literature." She shares insights on her latest novel Push, a unique self-portrait of a black teenage girl, and the role of women in literacy and African American literature.



Queer China, Comrade China 52516-D

Interviews with over 30 prominent figures in China's LGBT community who have experienced changes in attitudes and lifestyles in China over the past 30 years. The main focuses and themes of the documentary: Academic publication: from translation to sociological research and to grassroots scholarly works; Sexology: from the "asexual era," to "liberated sex," to the "one-child era"; Laws and regulations: moving from illegal to legal statuses, and towards appealing for further freedoms; Gender politics: from "unnameble," to "invisible," to "coming out" ; Economy: from unified supply to "Pink Economy"; Mental health: from the "pervert" to depathologization; Culture and media: from absence of attention to becoming a hot topic; Literature and art: from the underground to the press and to the podcasts; Community life: from hidden from light to facing the public.


Queerer than thou VIDEO-D 53119-D

Short comedy that tackles the question of "Who is the queerest of them all?" With a cast representing many diverse aspects of the LGBT/Queer community, the film explores the boundaries of identity, and the tensions that frequently exist along these borderlands. With off-beat humor and a surreal dance-off finale.


Race films 51934-D

Presents movies made for and by African-Americans with all Black casts during the first half of the 20th century.

Disc. 1. Lucky ghost (1941) -- Where's my man tonight? (1943) -- The blood of Jesus (1941) -- Harlem rides the range (1939) -- Dirty Gertie from Harlem (1946) -- The devil's daughter (1939) -- Beale Street mama (1946) -- Of one blood (1944) -- Souls of sin (1949) -- Dark Manhattan (1937) -- The big timers (1945) -- Broken strings (1940) -- Disc 2. Boarding house blues (1948) -- Boy! what a girl (1947) -- Bronze buckaroo (1939) -- The Emperor Jones (1933) -- Go down death (1944) -- Gang war (1940) -- Harlem is heaven (1932) -- Double deal (1939) -- The duke is tops (1938) -- Mistake identity (1941) -- Disc 3. Keep punching (1939) -- No time for romance (1948) -- Lookout sister (1947) -- The Joe Louis story (1953) -- The Jackie Robinson story (1950) -- Gang smashers (1939) -- Louisianna (1934) -- Murder in Harlem (1935) -- Jerico (1937) -- Disc 4. Native son (1951) -- Juke joint (1947) -- Midnight shadow (1939) -- Straight to heaven (1939) -- Miracle in Harlem (1948) --|9    |a Two gun man from Harlem (1938) -- Moon over Harlem (1939) -- Underworld (1937) -- Hi-de-ho (1947) -- Lying lips (1939) -- Junction 88 (1947) -- Disc 5. Mark of the hawk (1957) -- Tall, tan and terrific (1946) -- Murder on Lenox Avenue (1941) -- Mystery in swing (1940) -- Reet, petite and gone (1947) -- Paradise in Harlem (1939) -- Son of Ingagi (1940) -- Way down South (1939) -- Big fella (1937) -- Murder with music (1941) -- Veiled aristocrats (1932) -- Disc 6. Sunday sinners (1940) -- Spirit of youth (1937) -- Song of freedom (1936) -- Ten minutes to live (1932) -- Sepia Cinderella (1947) -- Proud valley (1940) -- The scar of shame (1927) -- The girl in room 20 (1946) -- Swing! (1938) -- The exile (1931) -- Disc 7. New girl in the office (1959) -- The Negro soldier (1943) -- Sanders of the river (1935) -- Magic garden (1952) -- The girl from Chicago (1932) -- Body and soul (1925) -- Within our gates (1920) -- The black king (1932) -- Beware (1946) -- God's stepchildren (1937) --|9    |a Disc 8. Borderline (1929) -- Symbol of the unconquered (1920) -- Eleven PM (1928) -- Short films: Palmour Street (1949) -- Murder in swing town (1937) -- Boogie woogie dream (1944) -- Music hath harms (1929) -- Broken earth (1936) -- Framing up the shrew (1929) -- Bubbling over (1934) -- Hi-de-ho (1934) -- Hi-de-ho (1937) -- King for a day (1934) -- Mr. Adams bomb (1949) -- Natural born gambler (1916) -- Jittering jitter-bugs (1935) -- Disc 9. Short films: Midnight menace (1946) -- Rufus Jones for president (1933) -- Oft in the silly night (1929) -- Red hot heat (1942) -- A rhapsody in black and blue (1931) -- St. Louis blues (1929) -- Symphony in black (1935) -- That's the spirit (1933) -- Ration blues (1944) -- The melancholy dame (1929) -- Barbershop blues (1937) -- The black network (1936) -- Pie, pie black bird (1932) -- Black and tan (1929) -- Open the door Richard (1945) -- Answer to open the door Richard (1945) -- All-colored vaudeville show (1935) -- Bipp bang boogie (1944) -- Blues and boogie (1945).


Racial stereotypes in the media 46300-D 42 minutes 2008

This program examines the relationship between mass media and social constructions of race from political and economic persepctives while looking at the effects media can have on audiences--Publisher's description.


Racing California 49549-D 17 minutes 2008

Racing California examines how post-Proposition 13 changes in the state's demographics has triggered a conservative backlash of policies and electoral propositions targeting the new majority-- residents of color. The film also briefly explores policy changes that would better serve the state's new majority: in 2007, 56% are people of color.


Role of play 28885-H

Presents aspects of play from 2 1/2 through 6 years. Defines play and discusses functions including motor development, cognition, creativity, socialization, self-awareness and therapeutic value. Describes types of play and gender differences.


Sally's beauty spot 38482-H 12 minutes 1990

A black mole above an Asian woman's breast serves as a metaphor for cultural and racial differences.


Say my name 50679-D 75 minutes

"In a hip-hop and r&b world dominated by men and noted for misogyny, the unstoppable female lyricists of SAY MY NAME speak candidly about class, race, and gender in pursuing their passions as female emcees. This worldwide documentary takes viewers on [a] vibrant tour of urban culture[s] and musical movement[s], from hip hop's birthplace in the Bronx, to grime on London's Eastside and all points Philly, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, and L.A. in between ... Delves into the amazing personal stories of women balancing professional dreams with the stark realities of poor urban communities, race, sexism, and motherhood, as the more than 18 artist featured in [the film] battle for a place in a society that creates few chances for women. From emerging artists filled with new creativity, to true pioneers like MC Lyte, Roxanne Shante, and Monie Love, these are women turning adversity into art " --


Scarred justice 48485-D 57 minutes 2009

"Everyone remembers the four white students slain at Kent State University in 1970, but most have never heard of the three black students killed in Orangeburg, South Carolina two years earlier ... When police and student demonstrators clashed at a segregated bowling alley, South Carolina officials called in the State Police and National Guard. More than 500 law enforcement officers were soon on the scene and tanks had cordoned off the black schools of South Carolina State College and Clafin University. Suddenly gunshots rang out. When the smoke cleared, three black students lay dead, twenty-eight more were wounded, mostly in the back and side. Though officers claimed self-defense, the FBI found no evidence of any students shooting from State's campus. Interviews with survivors of the Massacre, as well as journalists, the governor and a patrolman who had fired at the students reconstruct the horror of that night. Although the Justice Department charged nine officers with abuse of power, all were acquitted by a South Carolina jury. Forty years later no one has been held accountable".


Science and gender with Evelyn Fox Keller 17552-H

Science and gender with Evelyn Fox Keller


Sex and Gender VIDEO 34316-H

Program 17: Questions whether men and women are psychologically different or if they are similar in some ways. Also examines how sex roles reflect social values. Program 18: Looks at physical and psychological aging and shows how society reacts to the last stages of life.


Sex in an epidemic 53862-D

By focusing specifically on the need for honest comprehensive sex education, this engaging documentary provides a sociocultural perspective on the history of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and its ongoing impact on the most effected populations including the gay, African-American and Latino communities. Incorporating interviews and media footage from the earliest days of the AIDS panic through the present, SEX IN AN EPIDEMIC reminds us that, though the world has been living with the realities of HIV/AIDS for nearly 30 years, ignorance and prejudice about the disease must still be combated.


The Sexual brain 25473-H

Describes how the study of the brain provides a partial explanation that separates cultural and social gender differences from physiological ones. Shows that sexual differences exist between male and female brain structure.


Sexual dependency VIDEO-D 39019-D

Five teenagers from the United States and Bolivia, with nothing in common except the desire to experience true intimacy, fall victim to their own sexual dependencies, self-perceptions and illusions. The teenagers deal with issues such as femininity, masculinity, virginity, rape and sexuality, and each teen will struggle to make sense of their own identity, reaching for ideals that represent everything they feel they are supposed to be, but are not.


Sexual disorders 23192-H

This program discusses a variety of sexual dysfunctions and sexual disorders focusing on pedophillia, rape, gender dysphoria and desire and arousal disorders) and addresses potential psychological, sociocultural and biological causal factors as well as approaches to treatment.


Sex unknown VIDEO 33046-H

"Delve into the mysterious world of gender identity ... with the help of noted psychologists and researchers, and through personal insights from the Reimer family, including candid, heartrending interviews with Janet Reimer and her son, who ultimately rejected his female idenity and is now living as a man."


Sir VIDEO-D 41100-D

"This candid and courageous portrait of more than 15-months in the female-to-male (FTM) transition of Jay Snider explores both the emotional and physical changes of this profound experience--beginning prior to hormones and concluding after top surgery. Footage shot before and after the surgery captures dramatic physical transitions, while intimate interviews with Jay, his ex-husband, his best friend and his lesbian-identified partner aptly capture the emotional and psychological shifts that occur during the process. With support from those closest to him, Jay's experience is remarkably positive, though not without conflict. During the course of the film, he renews long-distant ties with his brother, but also faces permanent estrangement from his parents. [The film] is an in-depth and humanizing exploration of the challenges, discrimination, and alienation faced by transsexuals. Jay's conflicted feelings around queer identification are portrayed along with his significant other's continued identification as lesbian. A much-needed look at FTM transition, the film demonstrates both the fluidity of sexual identification and that love and human resilience can triumph over deep-rooted differences."


SIS   38568-H 52 minutes 1994

Perry Watkins story: gays in the military


The size of it 38484-H 27 minutes 2001

Video examines the lives of four women attending the 2000 NAAFA (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance) Conference. The women share their experiences of dealing with being overweight and how they are struggling to accept themselves as they are in a world composed of people who feel those deviating from the "norm" are unacceptable.


The Smell of burning ants VIDEO 29145-H

Raises gender issues and provokes the viewer to reflect on how our society can deprive boys of wholeness. Through the formative events of a boy's life, we come to understand the ways in which men can become emotionally disconnected and alienated from their feminine side. Illustrates how boys are socialized by fear, power and shame.


Social work practice with Asian Pacific Islander American lesbians and gay men VIDEO-D S241

Dr. Valli Kanuha's lecture at the University of Michigan School of Social Work presents findings from her dissertation Stigma, identity, and passing: how lesbians and gay men of color construct and manage stigmatized identity in social interaction. She discusses how lesbians and gay men of color manage multiple stigmas in their lives.


Some real heat 38120-H 54 minutes 2001

Offers a portrait of six women who are part of the small and relatively new world of female firefighters in San Francisco and who demonstrate their strength and character as they put their lives on the line every day.


The souls of Black girls 48440-D 58 minutes 2008

"The Souls of Black Girls is a provocative news documentary that takes a critical look at media images--how they are instituted, established and controlled. The documentary also examines the relationship between the historical and existing media images of women of color and raises the question of whether they may be suffering from a self-image disorder as a result of trying to attain the standards of beauty that are celebrated in media images." -- Website.


Southern comfort VIDEO-D 38207-D

Toccoa, Georgia. Robert Eads is a 52-year-old wise-cracking cowboy who was born female and transitioned into living as a man after bearing two sons. Fifteen years later, he has fallen in love with Lola Cola, a vivacious and magnetic woman who was born male. Together they are coping with Robert's terminal case of ovarian cancer.


Straightlaced VIDEO-D 49899-D

"Meet 50 incredibly diverse students who take us on a powerful, intimate journey to see how popular pressures around gender and sexuality are shaping the lives of today's American teens ... Demonstrates how gender-based expectations are deeply intertwined with homophobia, and also are impacted by race, ethnicity and class. From girls confronting popular messages about culture and body image, to boys who are sexually active just to prove they aren't gay, STRAIGHTLACED reveals the toll that deeply-held stereotypes and rigid gender policing have on all of our lives, and offers both teens and adults a way out of anxiety, fear, and violence".


Sunflowers VIDEO 29555-H

An exploration of the sexual identity of a group of gay men in a rural Philippine village, who perform in drag as The Sunflowers during the town's annual Christian festival. The Sunflowers discuss their childhoods, coming out issues, and their relationships with "straight" men in the community.


Taafe Fanga (Skirt Power) 95 minutes

A griot in present day Mali tells a story about women in an 18th century Dogon village. Fed up with male arrogance, one captures a powerful Albarga mask and terrorizes the men into assuming traditional women's roles. The humorous results convince everyone that women should be respected as complementary, yet equal, to men if society as a whole is to advance.


T-bird at ako VIDEO-D 49508-D

The story of a woman confused of her sexuality (played by Nora Aunor) who worked in a manʹs world as a lawyer. A chance meeting with a bar girl (played by Vilma Santos) who would change the course of her life. The film portrays a woman who runs and hold her life, but when matters of the heart are concern, she just lets fate its toll. She believes to be in love with the bar girl, or she thinks she is! At the end, a sudden twists explodes making her more vulnerable that she has ever imagined. A parody on the comic love and life of the people caught up in the middle of strange questions of gender issues. A seriously funny picture of the drama of life!


Teen sexuality in a culture of confusion 49935-H 40 minutes 1995

An exploration of "the forces influencing young people's decisions about sex: media, friends, family, religion, love, AIDS, alcohol, and homophobia... Features the stories of eight young people, ages 16-24; two of the eight talk about living with AIDS." -- Container.


Tim Wise: on white privilege 47994-D 57 minutes 2008

racism, white denial & the costs of inequality

"In this spellbinding lecture, Tim Wise ... offers a unique, inside-out view of race and racism in America. Expertly overcoming the defensiveness that often surrounds these issues, Wise provides a non-confrontational explanation of white privilege and the damage it does not only to people of color, but to white people as well. This is an invaluable classroom resource: an ideal introduction to the social construction of racial identities, and a critical new tool for exploring the often invoked - but seldom explained - concept of white privilege.”


Toilet training VIDEO 48629-D

|a "Addresses the persistent discrimination, harassment, and violence that people who transgress gender norms face in gender segregated bathrooms. Using the stories of people who have been harassed, arrested or beaten for trying to use bathrooms, this groundbreaking film focuses on bathroom access in public space, in schools, and at work".


Tomboys VIDEO-D 41092-D

Interviews with activist women are intercut with archival footage and photographs to celebrate tomboys of all ages. Explores the way gender identity is constructed from a very early age.


Tongues untied VIDEO-D 48155-D

In an experimental amalgam of rap music, street poetry, documentary film, and dance, a gay African-American man expresses what it is like to be gay and black in the United States.


Totally f***ed up VIDEO-D 46181-D

The story of the troubled world of gay and lesbian teenagers who hang around empty parking structures and deserted car washes and agonize about drugs, sex, dating, suicide, violence, family and gay identity.


Tough guise VIDEO-D 35956-D

Looks systematically at the relationship between the images of popular culture and the social construction of masculine identities in the U.S. in the late 20th century. In this innovative and wide-ranging analysis, Jackson Katz argues that there is a crisis in masculinity and that some of the guises offered to men as a solution (rugged individualism, violence) come loaded with attendant dangers to women, as well as other men.


Transamerica VIDEO-D 43300-D

Bree Osborne, a pre-operative transsexual, learns she fathered a child back when she was Stanley Osborne. The wheels of fortune take Bree and her teenaged son on a cross-country trip that will change both their lives.


Transgender pride VIDEO 30183-H

A discussion of the social status and identity of transgendered persons.


Transparent VIDEO-D 43731-D

Looks at 19 female-to-male transsexuals living in the United States who have given birth and, in all but a few cases, gone on to raise their biological children. Focuses on their lives as parents, revealing the diverse ways in which each person reconciles giving birth and being a biological mother with his masculine identity. Traditional views of gender are re-examined through the variety of genders the children use to conceive of their parents. Challenges the ways that people relate to one another, particularly within immediate families, based on gender.


Transshorts VIDEO-D 45504-D

Fantasy, spoken word, animation, homage, transformation and tradition pepper this collection with comedy and charm representing a vast array of trans images. Thematic compilations of best short films.

Junk box warrior / |g directed by Preeti AK Mistry ; Junk Box Films. 2002 (5 min.) -- |t Two-spirit people : the berdache tradition in Native American culture / |g produced, directed, and edited by Michel Beauchemin, Lori Levy, Gretchen Vogel ; Gender On A Stick Productions. 1991 (20 min.) -- |t Straight boy lessons / |g a film by Ray Rea. 1999 (10 min.) -- |t Unhung heroes / |g written and directed by Ilya Pearlman. 2002 (15 min.) -- |t Nina / |g producer and director, Rolmar Baldonado. 2003 (10 min.) -- |t With what shall I wash / |g Maria Trenor. 2003 (10 min.)


Treyf VIDEO-D 50902-D

"Treyf" means "unkosher" in Yiddish and is sometimes used to label people with nontraditional ways of life, such as lesbians. This documentary is by and about two Jewish lesbians in New York who met and fell in love at a Passover seder. The filmmakers examine the impact of their Jewish identities on their lives through personal narration, real and imagined educational films, and imagery. Part of the film was shot during an extended visit to Jerusalem, and in another part several other Jewish lesbians are interviewed.


Two spirits 53011-D

Examines the role of two-spirit people in the Navajo culture in the context of the story of a gay youth named Fred Martinez. Martinez was a nádleehí or a male-bodied person with a feminine essence, who was murdered in a hate crime at the age of sixteen. Discusses the traditional Native American perspective on gender and sexuality and the need for a balanced interrelationship between the feminine and masculine.


Venus boyz VIDEO-D 38254-D

Filmed in New York City and London, this documentary uses the performances of drag kings - as a starting point to follow their their different paths into transgendered worlds.

Special features: Interview with director Gabriel Baur; Documentary short "Venus Boyz around the world"; Biographies; Photo gallery; Trailers.


Victor/Victoria VIDEO-D 34123-D

A poverty-stricken singer in Depression-era Paris becomes convinced that the only way she can earn a living on the nightclub circuit is to masquerade as a man who impersonates women. Then she meets the man of her dreams.


Vincent who? 52500-D 40 minutes 2009

Looks at the legacy of the case of Vincent Chin, a young Chinese American man who was attacked and killed at his bachelor's party at a suburban Detroit bar by current and former autoworkers who were unhappy with competition from Japanese auto manufacturers. The case attracted wide attention after Chin's attackers struck a plea bargain and were sentenced to three thousand dollars in fines and three years in prison, time that they never were required to serve after posting bail. Indignation by the Asian American community and others led to further charges being filed against the perpetrators. The film explores how the murder of Vincent Chin continues to have meaning to society today, as well as how the hate crime remains unknown or forgotten in many Americans' minds.


When a kid is gay VIDEO 28862-H

The teen years are full of turmoil for most, but particularly for gays and lesbians. This film, shot in malls, high schools, and fast food restaurants, chronicles the struggles as well as the support a group of Worcester, Mass. youth have found. Includes views of some families that have accepted and some that have not accepted their children's sexual orientation, and of some individuals who have and some who have not reconciled their religious beliefs with their lifestyle.


Wicker park VIDEO-D 43863-D

Matthew is a Chicago investment banker who puts his life and a business trip to China on hold when he thinks he sees Lisa, the love of his life who walked out on him without a word two years earlier. With some help from his friend Luke, Matthew obsessively and relentlessly tracks Lisa down and while doing so, runs into another woman, calling herself Lisa who, unknown beknownst to Matthew, is an actress named Alex, who may hold the key to Lisa's original disappearance, and discovery.


Without walls 54530-D 53 minutes 1991 (Region 2 PAL video format)

 I want your sex is a television documentary that looks at Western representations of black men and women in painting, photography and film. The work explores the use of myths and stereotypes that have arisen from colonialism, racism and sexual fantasy by western artists and the impact resulting the images have had on the persons depicted.


Word is out VIDEO-D 49738-D

"Preserved by UCLA Film & Television Archive and Outfest Legacy Project for LGBT Film Preservation...this print is a restoration of the film's original 133 minute release version. Preservation elements have also been created for the film's 142 minute pre-release version."


Yentl VIDEO-D 50154-D

Yentl Mendel is the boyish daughter and only child of long widowed Rebbe Mendel. He teaches Talmud to local boys and secretly to Yentl since girls are not allowed to learn the law. When her father dies, Yentl is left all alone. She makes the momentous decision to leave the village and, disguised as a boy and calling herself Anshel, she seeks and gets admitted to a Yeshiva to study. She befriends Avigdor who is engaged to Haddas. Her family calls off the wedding when they discover Avigdor's brother committed suicide. Anshel then finds 'him'-self in the awkward position of being called into service as substitute bridegroom. But Haddas still wants Avigdor. After numerous complications, including Avidor and Yentl falling in love with each other and she telling him her secret, everyone gets what they want in life. Anshel, now Yentl once again, goes off to America to pursue her dream of serious study in Yeshiva, where she will be able to study without needing to hide her identity as a woman.


You don't know dick VIDEO-D 48627-D

Provides honest and riveting portraits of six men who once were women. Through their commentaries and the experiences of partners, friends, and family emerges an unforgettable story of self-discovery.


The youth & gender media project 54112-D

 I'm just Anneke: When 12-year-old tomboy Anneke has an identity crisis at the onset of puberty, her doctors put her on Lupron, a hormone blocker that temporarily delays the hormones of adolescence to give her more time to make a decision on who she want to be.

Family journey: Families across the country discuss the emotional and intellectual transformation that the parents and siblings must go through in order to successfully nurture their gender nonconforming family members.



The dramatic story of a 15-year-old hermaphrodite, born with what the doctors call 'ambiguous genitalia,' whose parents moved from Buenos Aires to an isolated cabin outside of Piriápolis, Uruguay, to protect their child from prejudice.



A portrait of two individuals born with ambiguous genitalia that calls into question the medical practice of gender assignment surgery of intersex infants and children.

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