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The Area Programs Libraries consist of the Near East Division, the Slavic, East European and Eurasian Division, the South Asia Division, and the Southeast Asia Division.  Each division represents the regions, cultures, and languages designated in its name.  As units of the Graduate Library, the divisions manage collections acquired from their geographic areas, in their languages, and on their distinctive subjects; solicit and accept purchase recommendations; catalogue the new acquisitions; provide assistance to library users in the use of the collections; and offer formal instruction in the bibliographic resources of the units' areas of expertise.

The Area Programs reference collection is located in room 110 N. Hatcher Graduate Library. The reference collections holds basic reference books (dictionaries, grammars, encyclopedias, collection catalogues, text collections, sacred works, commentaries, biographies, etc.).  There are four sections of shelving for the divisions' reference works: Near East; Slavic, East European and Eurasian; South Asia; and Southeast Asia. There also two desktop PC's for use by students, faculty, and visitors, who may login with UM user names and passwords or as visitors. All library electronic resources are accessible. There is as well a microfilm reader.

The University of Michigan Library collects materials in over 400 languages.  Area Programs acquires books,  journals, magazines, newspapers, and other publications in over 50 of these languages.  Together, as represented in MIRLYN, these languages are tabulated in the Language Frequency Count 2011.

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