7FAST Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to use 7FAST?

7FAST serves the faculty, students, and staff of the University of Michigan Ann Arbor campus. Standard service is free to faculty, graduate students, staff, and faculty assistants (aka proxies), and is available to undergraduates at the rate of $3.75 per request. Additional, fee-based services such as Rush, Microform Scanning, and Sabbatical Shipping are available to all our patrons. Details are on our fees page.

Invited visiting scholars should ask their departments for library privileges and access to 7FAST/ILL.  Please contact Circulation at glcirc@umich.edu or 734-764-0400 for more information.

Temporary staff may be able to use 7FAST in a limited capacity if they have a valid umich email address and Kerberos password, and a faculty member has established a proxy account for them.  Please contact us at 734-647-3278 or 7FAST@umich.edu for more information.

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How many requests may I submit?

If we receive several simultaneous requests from one patron, we may need to postpone processing in order to maintain a high quality of service for all patrons.  In this event, we will process a minimum of five requests per day and notify you if any remaining requests have been delayed.  If you need some items more urgently than others, please let us know and we will prioritize accordingly.  

If your question refers to how many articles or chapters you may request from a single source, please read MLibrary's statement on Copyright and Document Delivery.

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How should I submit my request?

All 7FAST requests are entered through your ILLiad account.  You can reach your ILLiad account through our website, or by using a citation linker such as Get This.  

If you need multiple articles or chapters from the same source, please note that we will provide one PDF per request form (copyright permitting). Please keep entries brief to avoid losing information. The page range field, for example, will not retain more than a few characters. If a lengthy explanation is necessary, please use the notes field (limit is 255 characters) or email us at 7FAST@umich.edu.

Multi-volume loans can be requested using a single form.

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Why am I being asked to pay?

Undergraduates only:

7FAST costs $3.75 per request for undergraduate students. If you are an undergraduate and have received free requests in the past, they were likely filled by ILL rather than 7FAST, or were available through MLibrary's existing electronic resources (7FAST provides links as a courtesy).

If you are working on behalf of a full time faculty member, you can receive free service by establishing a faculty assistant account.  Please see "How to proxy accounts work?" for more information.

All patrons:

7FAST charges all patrons for Microfilm Scanning and Rush Service, including faculty, graduate students, staff, and faculty assistants.

If the first page of your PDF mentions charges, the document was supplied through ILL. These charges apply to our department only.

We will always confirm payment before filling a request where payment is required. You will not be charged without your consent. 

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How much does 7FAST cost?

Please view our Fees and delivery page for a complete description of charges.

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Since 7FAST charges undergrads, can I use ILL instead?

7FAST fills requests from MLibrary's holdings, while ILL borrows items which are not available here from other institutions.  ILL is not a free substitute for 7FAST.

If you would like to learn more about using the resources available to you at MLibrary, please contact reference at askus@umich.edu or any MLibrary reference desk.

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How should I provide payment?.

We accept two forms of payment: credit card and shortcode.  Student accounts and Bluebucks are not accepted. 

Please call 734-764-8584 to provide credit card or shortcode information. Shortcodes can also be emailed to us at 7FAST@umich.edu. For your security, please do not submit credit card information via email.

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How do proxy accounts work?

If you are working on behalf of a faculty member, you may want to consider using a proxy account (aka faculty assistant account).  A proxy account indicates that the faculty member - rather than the assistant - is responsible for any loans borrowed on his or her behalf.  This is true for MLibrary or Interlibrary Loan items.  Undergraduates with a proxy account can use 7FAST free of charge on their faculty member's behalf.  Though 7FAST service is currently free for staff, many faculty assistants prefer to use their proxy accounts for articles as well.  

To place 7FAST or ILL requests as a proxy, you will need the barcode from your proxy checkout card.  Once you have this card, enter the barcode in the "Proxy Barcode" field on all 7FAST and Interlibrary Loan request forms.    Proxy barcodes always begin with "29015..." Request forms which contain a proxy barcode will be considered proxy requests.  Requests without this barcode will not be considered proxy requests, and all normal responsibilites - including the 7FAST fee for undergraduates - will apply.  

To obtain a proxy checkout card, a faculty member will need to complete the form available here: http://www.lib.umich.edu/interlibrary-loan-um-community/faculty-assistant-accounts.  When the proxy account has been established, the proxy checkout card will be sent to the faculty member through intercampus mail.  The faculty member can then pass the card on to his or her assistant.    

Circulation oversees proxy accounts, and will be happy to answer questions at 734-764-0401 or glcirc@umich.edu.

Am I eligible for free service because of a disability?

Undergraduates who need assistance accessing MLibrary's collections may be eligible for free 7FAST service.  Please contact the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities to see if you qualify.  If so, SSD will provide a shortcode you can use when placing 7FAST requests.  Dan Measel of the SSD office can field questions at 734-763-3001.

Standard service is free for all faculty, graduate students, staff, and faculty assistants; fees do apply for microform scanning and Rush service.  If you need assistance in either of these areas, please contact the SSD to see if a shortcode is available.  

ADA Coordinator Carole Dubritsky can field questions or concerns at cfd@umich.edu or 734-763-0235.

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How soon can I expect my material?

Most 7FAST requests are filled in 2-4 business days. Reqeusts may take longer to complete at the start of each semester due to high demand. If you are planning for a class it is a good idea to request materials early.

If you need your material as soon as possible, Rush service is available for a fee of $8.75 per request.

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When I receive my delivery notice email, how long should I wait for my book to reach me?

First, we ask that you inquire how your department handles book deliveries coming from the library.  

We do know that departments disperse library materials differently.  We ask that you wait until 5:00pm that business day before you consider that your book may be missing.  If your book is not where your department says it should be by the next day at noon, please send us an email at 7-FAST@umich.edu.  We will take all book delivery inquires and forward them to our Delivery Department.  They can send out a courier to investigate where your book may be.  If you have not heard any news on your book delivery after 3 business days, let us know and we can make arrangements to have your request forwarded to ILL, or if we have another copy we can send you a duplicate copy.

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When will I be held responsible for delivered library material?

Please note that you should report missing library material within 7 days of its delivery.  Any overdue notices will be sent from the Library’s Circulation Department.

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How can I receive Rush Service?

  • Rush service costs $8.75 per request for all patrons, regardless of status.
  • We can accept payment by shortcode or credit card.
  • To request Rush service, please call 734-647-3278 or 734-764-8584. Without a phone call, your request will be processed as normal.
  • Please place your request through ILLiad before calling.
  • We make Rush requests our highest priority, and fill them as soon as possible.  If they are not filled within the following parameters, the Rush fee will not be charged:
    • If we receive a call before 12:00, the request will be filled by 5:00 the same business day.
    • If we receive a call after 12:00, the request will be filled by 12:00 the following business day.
  • Materials which are not available at MLibrary are not eligible for Rush service. Requests will be forwarded to ILL and regular turnaround times will apply.
  • If an item is not available at MLibrary, but is needed urgently and cost is not a concern, you may wish to contact the Michigan Information Transfer Source.  MITS can provide rush service to individuals for a fee.

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How will I receive my material?

Articles and book chapters are delivered electronically. You will receive an e-mail containing a link to ILLiad when a PDF is available. By logging-in to your ILLiad account, you will be able to access your PDF at any time for two weeks or five viewings. You will need to have a current version of Adobe Reader installed.

Loans can be delivered to your department or to any ILL pick-up location. You can view your current delivery preference here: https://ill.lib.umich.edu/illiad/ChangeSite/ChangeSite.asp.  To choose a new pick-up location or specify a new department mailroom for campus delivery, please contact us at 734-647-3278 or 7FAST@umich.edu.

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Can I order an article and then request that this material be loaned out to me?

While we try to accommodate all of our patron requests, if we find that you have made an article and loan request within a short time period from the same source, we will send the loan and cancel the article.  You may resubmit the article when the material is returned to the library.

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Can I get images scanned in grayscale or color?

7FAST scans up to 25 images in color or greyscale as a matter of course.  However, If a file size becomes too large for our system to handle, images will be scanned in black and white.
Optimal scanning equipment is not available at every shelving location. If you receive a scan which does not meet your needs, please contact us and we will attempt to resend the document with higher image quality.
Please note that 7FAST will automatically forward a request to Interlibrary Loan if it cannot be filled at MLibrary. We do not have quality control over scans provided by our lending institutions.

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What does my request status mean?

Please view our complete list of request status definitions.

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Why was my request cancelled?

The most common reasons for cancellation are unclear citations, required payment, and copyright limitations. You should have received a notice explaining the cancellation. You can review past emails from our service through your ILLiad account under "View Notifications."

We are happy to answer any questions at 7FAST@umich.edu or 734-647-3278. Please have your transaction number (TN) ready.

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I was out of town and my PDF expired. Can 7FAST post it again?

Copyright guidelines require us to delete all PDFs once they have been posted for two weeks or viewed five times. PDFs are deleted automatically and our staff cannot recover them. Please place a new request for each document still needed.

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How many pages can I get under Copyright?

Limits vary. We will fill as many requests as possible while observing copyright guidelines. Please read MLibrary's statement on Copyright and Document Delivery.

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